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Right of Citizenship FAQ

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Canadian Citizenship is one of the most prized in the world. It creates new hope and opportunities for the 170,000 people who are accepted every year. The Right to Citizenship FAQ explains who qualifies for citizenship and the steps to take to become a Canadian citizen.

In order to apply for Canadian citizenship, you need to gather the appropriate documentation, complete the application forms and, in most cases, pass the citizenship test.

  1. Gather your documents
  2. Complete the application forms
  3. Pass the Citizenship Test
  4. Swear the Citizenship Oath
  5. Become a Canadian Citizen
PLEASE NOTE: As of October 11, 2017 the Canadian Citizenship residence requirement was decreased. Responses to questions about the residence requirement published before October 11, 2017 are now out of date. If you are unsure about the residence requirement, ask a question or see this page.

If you wish to read more about obtaining Canadian Citizenship, check out the Canadian Government website, Citizenship and Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC, formerly CIC).

Do I still need to take english language test if I already hold PR card and been living here in Canada for almost 10 years?

The language requirements for citizenship are mandatory provided you fall within the age rage.

If you do not have education which is acceptable proof you do have to take a language test.

I arrived in Canada 2012 and I petitioned my family and they arrived 2015. I’m planning to apply for Canadian citizenship since I already met the requirements. Can I apply my children ages 8 and 9 together with me though they still lack the number of years as permanent residents here? As of my wife, she will apply on her own when she completed the number of years as permanent residents here.

Yes, you can apply for your children at the same time as yourself.

Need a photo for canadain citizenship

Many if not most passport photographers can also handle photos for citizenship. Google them or walk to your nearest convenience store with a passport photo sign in the window and ask.


My husband is a Canadian. I am a Taiwanese who is applying for the permanent resident. We have 6 year-old and 4-year-old children who both born outside of Canada. Kids and I all live in Taiwan. Kids’ father got his Canadian citizenship by naturalization 15 years ago. So the kids are Canadian by the law. But we just sent their application for the citizenship two days ago. Are they not Canadian officially because they never get their Canada citizenship? And Kids father is working in Canada right now. Kids and I want to visit him and family in Canada. But the new law says Canadian who want to entry Canada by air must show the Canadian Passport. So do my kids not allow to enter Canada without their Canada passport? If they can’t, can we drive kids from US to Canada with Taiwan passport and ESTA from US? And will Canada border service reject kids’ entry by land? Kids’ father can’t come to visit us until February 2018, so I hope I can take kids to visit their father.

Provided you just submitted applications for their citizenship certificates, you have the following options:

  • Wait until they have their citizenship certificates then:
    • apply for their Canadian passports and travel to Canada by air with those passports
    • drive across the border with their citizenship certificates
  • Drive to Canada and have them enter as visitors on their Taiwanese passports.
The ESTA is no help for Canada. You would all need ETAs or visitor visas to fly to Canada without Canadian passports.

I am a permanent resident Indian passport expires September 2017….do I need to renew my passport first to apply for Canadian citizenship or should I proceed with the application.

You can apply for citizenship without your Indian passport.

You will need some kind of photo ID, but your valid PR Card can suffice.

If I don’t to hold the Canadian passport because I want to apply the another citizen(which) I came from that country, can I still live in Canada or if I want to come back what I need to do? I will lost the Canadian right or all the benefit currently I received?

It depends what your status is. If you’re a Canadian citizen, you have no obligation to get a passport. Not having a passport will not affect your citizenship. However, if you travel outside of Canada you will have a hard time coming back to Canada without a Canadian passport (unless you are driving a car).

If you are not a Canadian citizen, the answer is a lot more complicated, and depends upon your status and how long you’ve been in Canada.

Do I need to renew my expired Philippine passport before applying for Canadian citizenship?

No, especially if you have your expired passport you landed on to submit with your application.

I am convention refugee inside Canada. I have been advised to apply for PR which I believe is more than a year long process. I want to check, will my stay during the PR processing be counted for my citizenship eligibility days?

Yes, those days will count as half days up to 365 days (i.e. two years).

I am a landed immigrant from Scotland….I have been here since 1967 and have never applied for my citizenship…What would I have to do to apply for my citizenship…I have heard that you have to take a test….But since I have been here in Canada so long could I be entitled to a honorary Canadian citizen?…Also if I apply to a British passport mine expired years ago can I still travel with it…

If you are over 54 years of age, you don’t have to take  the citizenship test and can apply right now.

I have lived in Canada since 2004 and I got my PR in May 2014. Is I am eligible to apply for citizenship?

Provided you meet the citizenship residence requirement, yes you can apply for citizenship.

Can I vote even though I’m not Canadian cetizen, I’m Canadian emigrated I buy a house in surrey bc I live in here almost one year now

No, you have to become a citizen to vote.

We migrated to Canada on 2013 as PR. But left my 14 years old daughter because of Family issues. Finally, I brought her in Canada 2 years ago. We are going to apply for Canadian Citizenship soon. My question, can I include my daughter with my application as minor though she is in Canada for less than 4 yrs? I’ll really appreciate if get the correct information.

Yes you can.

my mother is 72 and can not understand neither English not French. Can go and sit next to her and help her as interpreter during Canadian citizenship ceremony?

Yes, she can bring people to the citizenship ceremony with her.

I was born in Newzealand and came to Canada at early age with my father, I have lived in Canada for over 30 yrs I have a pr card, I need to know can I apply for a Canadian passport

You have to apply for Canadian citizenship first. You should qualify and have no issues applying. It takes about 12 months.

I am in the process of applying for citizenship in Canada. My passport expired back in 2013, during this time I didn’t travel outside of Canada, for this reason I didn’t renewed my passport. On the application I have explained the reason why I didn’t renew the passport, I have provided enough evidence that shows I was in Canada for the last 4 years including school documents. Does having an expired passport will cause a problem in the process?

Provided they accept your explanation about your passport, it should not cause any problems.

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