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Work Holiday Visa FAQ (IEC)

Support help line: 1-866-760-2623

International Experience Canada (IEC) is an initiative of the Canadian government, in association with various participating foreign countries, which allows young people to travel and work whilst abroad.

The initiative is open to adults under the age of 35 (or 30, depending upon the country). There are three programs:

  • Working Holiday: this program allows young people to work for a year or two while travelling abroad.
  • Young Professionals: this program is for those who already have a job offer.
  • International Co-Op Internship: this program is for university students with internships in Canada.

More information can be found at Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada website for those looking to come to Canada.

If you are a Canadian looking to work abroad, please see this page on

Permanent Resident Travel Document. I am a permanent resident in Canada (just activated it on 17-Feb-2017. Therefore my PR card is not issued yet. Now my only grandmother died and the funeral is next week. I am able to go to Switzerland but not able to return to Canada without a PR card or a PR Travel document (which can only be obtained from outside of Canada – but I would only be in Switzerland for about 1 week – 4 business days. I have been in touch with the border services, CIC helpcenter, the Canadian Embassy in Switzerland but no solution can be presented to me. I thought the PR will make things easier (and I worked hard and a long time on it to get it) but it seems it made it all just more complicated. Is there anyway you can help me?

You can attempt to submit the application before you travel, but we don’t know whether or not it will be accepted.

i live in the uk with my non canadian husband, can he visit canada with me as i am a canadian citizen?

If he’s a UK citizen, he’ll need an eTA to come to Canada regardless of your citizenship.

What documents or IDs can proof a person’s single status?

If you’re from Canada, marrying abroad, you normally need A Statement In Lieu of a Certificate of Non-Impediment to Marriage Abroad.

Other countries may issues Certificates of Non-Impediment to Marriage Abroad or Certificates of Single Status.

Do I need a new passport form now that I’m an adult. Last time I had a passport was when I was ten.

If your passport has expired, you need a new passport if you want to travel outside of Canada.

i have a question i got married 4yrs ago and well i listen to negative talk from friends and leave my husband and got pregnant for someone else however i had started to sponsor him and never stopped it and they found out that i was pregnant and called him for an interview and turned him down saying that they dont believe the marriage is genuine now we have reconnected can i sponsor him again?

You can apply to sponsor him again. The application will likely be rejected.

I was born in the UK in 1948. My old pass port expired in 1979. To get a new one do I apply for a new one or a renewal. Do I use C1 or OS application. Where to I mail it to in the UK and how much do I make a money order out for. 

It’s a renewal that’s treated as if it’s a first time application. You need to apply online; paper applications are no longer accepted.

i am a chinese citizen, my boyfriend is a Canadian citizen, we wanna get married in Vancouver, what sorts of documents should we provide to register?

You will both need to present photo IDs. You may need to provide proof of single status from China. You should contact the City of Vancouver for more information.

i’m have a saudi citizenship i want to marry to my Canadian bf and move to Canada forever does the process of getting married to Canadian request a permission from my gov or my embassy?

If you are getting married in Canada, you do not need permission from any government to get married.

There are numerous conditions for marrying in Saudi Arabia including:

  • You must apply for permission from the government
  • You must be between the ages of 30 and 50
  • Your boyfriend will have to prove he’s single and healthy
  • You’ll have to sign some documents attesting that you know your boyfriend is not becoming a Saudi citizen when he marries you.

That’s not the whole list. There’s more.

We strongly suggest marrying in Canada or some other country instead of Saudi Arabia if you can.

Am a kenyan and my boyfriend is Canadian. Hes coming to kenya in may and we are planning i get pregnant. Well my question is can i get visa t while am pregnant…?

You can apply for a visa but it’s very likely that the application will be rejected because they will suspect you are going to overstay.

You’d be much better off getting sponsored by your boyfriend. But you can still apply for a visa to see if they’ll approve it.

I have been in Canada since 1965 and still use my UK passport. I wish to renew it again. It gets a little more complicated every time I do. What do I need to renew it this time? Also how much this time?

You must renew it online at the UK Passport website.

If you wish to renew it without using the online form, you can hire Immigroup to help you.

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