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Express Entry FAQ

Support help line: 1-866-760-2623

Express Entry is the new way skilled immigrants immigrate to Canada. Federal Skilled Worker, Federal Skilled Trades and Canadian Experience Class now operate through Express Entry.

Express Entry is an online electronic system that manages those applications for permanent residence in Canada that fall under specific immigration programs:

In order to apply for Express Entry, you will need to qualify for one of the above Canadian immigration programs. This means you must have:

  • at least 1 year of full-time Canadian work experience (or equivalent part time experience), and / or
  • at least 1 year of full-time work experience (or equivalent part time experience abroad in an occupation that Canada deems “skilled” (see below), and / or
  • at least 2 years of full-time work experience (or equivalent part time experience) abroad in a trade.
If your work experience is abroad, usually you are required to have a job offer in addition.

There are additional requirements which you can learn about by reading about the individual programs.

so actually i am about to become a permanent resident but the problem is my passport is expired .Will there be any problem in me receiving the permanent resident document ?

You normally need a valid passport to “land” so you should renew your passport. Try not to hand in your expired passport if you can.

I am haitian and I applied for the express entry in order to get my permanent resident . I am already working in Canada but as A diplomat .if we get married , will that ause any problem with my request? the other question is if we get married , will he be able to sponsor me in order to have the permanent residency ? And at this time i will have to renounce to my diplomat status..

Marriage will not affect your Express Entry application.

Once you are married, you can be sponsored. But you cannot remain a diplomat for a foreign country and be a permanent resident at the same time.

Hi, I am currently on a work permit tied to my company and got laid off. I’m applying for a permanent residence (waiting for an invitation) and plan to go back to my home country (France) once I send the complete application. I would still have an address in Canada. Will this situation be problematic? Will I still be able to get my residence?

If you qualify to immigrate through FSW or CEC it doesn’t matter where you are physically, as long as you have legal status there. So it shouldn’t matter.

I am applying through SW program for PR (in process stage). But recently I decided to have a rhinoplasty which changes my nose tip. Other features of my faces stay the same. Should I change my current passport to avoid any difficulty of identification, and send update to CIC? 

That really depends upon whether you’re still identifiable by your old photograph.

I have an invitation to apply via the express entry programme. Do i include my Canadian wife on the application?

No, you do not have to include your Canadian wife.

I applied for express entry and i got my ITA approved yesterday. Currently i am working with my Work Permit expiring in May 28th. But I have to travel outside Canada for a month from mid of May to Mid of June. Can i apply for visitors visa, in order to Enter the country? if yes, can i continue to work with Same employer after entering? is there any alternative to re-enter Canada with out problem

You can apply for a visitor visa to travel back to the country. (If you are driving to and from the US, you don’t need to do this.) You should apply for a bridging work permit so that you can work between when your work permit expires and when you get your PR.

I am a US citizen wanting to marry my bf who is on a work permit in Canada. What is the procedure for this and approximately how long will the whole process take? Can i live in canada or will i need to reside in the US? Can i work or take classes in Canada while our paperwork is pending?

You can marry your boyfriend in Canada or the US.

Once you are married you can apply for an open work permit to work along side your husband in Canada.

Once he qualifies to apply for PR, you can be part of the application. (Alternatively, if you qualify for PR first, he can be on your application.)

He can’t sponsor you yet, he’s not a permanent resident.


If your job if skilled – i.e. you are eligible for Canadian Experience Class – you must work in Canada for at least one year before applying for PR.

At that time you can create an Express Entry profile.

Once you get an Invitation to Apply (ITA) it should be approximately 6 months from the date of your application submission when you receive a decision.

my question is the cic ask for entry exit movement report from kuwait and jordan in kuwait they refuse to give the report because iam not under criminal case in jordan iam afraid that my country not allowed double citizen becaus they ask for the reason and in fact all my decleration paper are ok and the report from canada border ok and all stamps in passport are ok and clear what will be the result if no chance to get this report and submit it to cic

You should provide their answers in writing, translated if need be, to show you made the effort.

I received my ITA on Sep 2016, under the Express Entry – Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). Subsequently, I submitted my PR Application on October 2016 and received a confirmation letter from CIC for the same. I had also paid PR Application Fees and submitted a complete PR application form for processing. At this point, there was nothing due from my end. The normal processing time of 6 months, as per the CIC website, has almost elapsed on 20th April 2017 I have been waiting patiently to hear from CIC about my application status and COPR. I am getting restless as I have no communication whatsoever from CIC on the status of my application Sad May I know what are my options now? Is it normal not to receive any status update between submission of PR application and COPR? Is it common for PR Applicants to receive a COPR much later than the normal processing time? If Yes, then how much longer should I wait before I write to CIC again.

The stated processing time of 6 months is just a goal and, moreover, a goal as an average, meaning that even if IRCC (formerly CIC) meet the goal, some applications will be done sooner and some less soon.

Your best option is to submit a case specific enquiry.

i have question regards my friends who isnot much speak english , he came to canada as landed immigrant . first year medical test he was ok clean . while he was waiting pr and cic send letter stating in order to get yo pr/ u medical expiry, 12 monh so you have 90 days to go again medical test he want to phyician, dr told him told him u got brain cancer how is that affect his pr after waitng so long is gana get rejected 

If he is apply for PR he is not yet a landed immigration (i.e. permanent resident).

Yes, a diagnosis of a condition like this can endanger his PR application. It would be at the discretion of the officer reviewing his application whether or not to deny it for this reason. It also depends upon what type of PR application (economic, sponsorship, etc).

I was on a PGWP from May 2016. I applied for EE in October 2016 and received the ITA shortly after. I applied with my ITA on November 27th 2016 and I have completed my landing procedures on March 10th. I still have my work TRV that is still valid till 2019. Can I enter Canada by air after a short trip to the US using my TRV even though I have not received my PR card?

No. Your TRV ceased being valid the moment you landed as a PR, even if nobody officially cancelled it.

I am planning to file sinp.and after I get my sinp can I file for my husband he is in states on c08 status. Pls suggest what to do?

If you are invited to apply for permanent residence you should include your husband on your application as that way you will not have to sponsor him later.

For example, I got my PR then I go to niagara for visa change. It will take how many days before I recieve my PR card? And can my wife enter canada even without the PR card yet? Or when can she enter canada?

The current processing time for a first PR Card is 21 calendar days.

Whether or not your wife can enter Canada depends upon whether or not she was included in your application. If she was, she should “land” with you.

If you didn’t include your wife in your PR application, you will have to sponsor her for permanent residence.

I am waiting for my pr to canada.Now I am working in India.I know I have to enter canada before the expiry date.How much time I have to stay there to be an immigrant or citizen in canada

The moment you “land” you become a permanent resident of Canada. To become a citizen you must live at least three years in Canada as a permanent resident and meet the other requirements (citizenship test, etc).


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