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Marriage to a Foreigner FAQ

Support help line: 1-866-760-2623

Marrying a foreigner in Canada is a straight-forward process, though there are slight variations in the process between provinces. In order to marry, you need:

  • a completed marriage license application
  • the correct fee (often in cash)
  • photo IDs for borh parties (passports are best)
  • proof of single status for the foreigner (such as a divorce certificate, duly translated)
Contact your City Hall or or municipal office for more details and the application form.

I am a Canadian Citizen who would like to marry a man living in Germany on refugee status from GHANA. would I have to go to Germany to marry him? or should I send him an invitation letter for him to come to Canada and we marry here. what is the best scenario?

You can send him an invitation letter and he can try to apply for a visa. It’s pretty unlikely he’ll get approved, but if he can prove he will return to Germany after the trip, he may be approved.

If he doesn’t get a visa, you’ll have to go there to marry him.

do I need to submit single status to marry in canada

If you are not a Canadian citizen, some jurisdictions will require you to prove your single status in your home country. Contact the municipal office where you are going to marry to find out whether or not you need to do so.

I got married overseas and sponsored my husband successfully. He will be in Canada soon. Can we get a marriage license here and do religious ceremony again?

Provided the marriage was legal in the country you married in (and it must have been for the sponsorship to have gone through), you do not need to get remarried in Canada. You can have a religious ceremony, of course.

am an Bangladeshi citizen and want to marry a Canadian citizen. so my question is on what type of visa such as visitor visa or tourist visa will i have to marry and can i marry her in Bangladesh and later can she sponsor for me for pr?

If you want to come to Canada, you want to apply for a temporary resident visa, which is Canada’s term fora visitor or tourist visa.

You can marry in Bangladesh if you cannot get a visitor visa to Canada.

She can sponsor you once you are married.

My girlfriend lives in Brazil,she overstayed her visa in usa, she wants to fly to Canada and get married,could we and bring her in usa

If she can get a visa to Canada and you can enter Canada you can legally marry in Canada. Whether or not you can bring her to the US depends upon whether or not she was given a ban, or just left voluntarily.

I’m Canadian citizen, I met my bf on online . We are dating for more than 2 years now , haven’t meet in person yet. He’s Pakistani national but study in china to finish up his degree. We decided to marrry after his Degree but first I would like him to visit me here in Canada. So, my question is , is it better for him to come here visit me n agreed marry me or is it better for me to go there & marry him? We would like to settle down in here. Secondly, what are the requirements for him to be able to get Canada visitor visa? How can he prof of financial income and etcs ? 

Let’s try to answer your questions:

  1. It’s better if he can come here and you marry him, only because then the marriage certificate will be in English. If you marry in China, you’ll have to get the marriage certificate translated. (Also, China might have a law against two foreigners marrying or, at the very least, a residence requirement. You should look into that if you intend to marry in China.)
  2. He will need to prove that he intends to leave Canada after his trip, so he will have to show he intends to return to China or Pakistan. Then he will have to prove he can afford the trip.

can a minor with permanent residence of us jamaican marry a british residing in canada without proper parental consent … and if so how ???

Each province has slightly different rules regarding this. In most cases, you will need written permission from a custodial parent, provided you are old enough. (For example, in Ontario, you must be at least 16 years of age to get a marriage license regardless of parental consent.)

I’m First Nations status born in Canada, I want to marry my Nigerian boyfriend who is here in Canada on a student visa. What is the process for marriage?

  • Complete a marriage license application.
  • Go to your local municipal office which handles marriages.
  • Pay the fee.
  • Get married.
  • Receive the marriage certificate.
Your boyfriend will need his passport and you will need a government photo ID. Your boyfriend may be required to prove his single status.

i am a canadian with an american passport marrying an american in ontario, is my marriage legal in the usa?

Yes, the United States recognizes legal Canadian marriages unless they somehow contravene the laws of a particular state.

I have my canadian citizenship who has a criminal record, and would like to marry a refugee, would this create any problems or delays in our paperwork?

It won’t impact your marriage. However, it may impact the sponsorship application depending upon the type of crime(s).

I am PR issued at Nova scotia, me and my boyfriend are in BC now for study reason(he is using study permit). We want to get married and I will sponsor him after we married. So, should we get marry in BC or back to NS? Is there any difference?

It does not matter where you get married in Canada; it’s the same process pretty much everywhere.

I married a Canadian citizen in California in 1987. I went there for a year and found out that he was already married to someone else in Canada and had a son. I left, came back to California and filed for annulment. The court failed to process the paperwork here. I need to complete the divorce. I do not know where he is or how to go about this. Can you suggest a solution?

Depending upon where you live now, you might be able to get the divorce where you live. Canada, for example, allows divorce after a period of estrangement.

What documents or IDs can proof a person’s single status?

If you’re from Canada, marrying abroad, you normally need A Statement In Lieu of a Certificate of Non-Impediment to Marriage Abroad.

Other countries may issues Certificates of Non-Impediment to Marriage Abroad or Certificates of Single Status.

i am a chinese citizen, my boyfriend is a Canadian citizen, we wanna get married in Vancouver, what sorts of documents should we provide to register?

You will both need to present photo IDs. You may need to provide proof of single status from China. You should contact the City of Vancouver for more information.

i’m have a saudi citizenship i want to marry to my Canadian bf and move to Canada forever does the process of getting married to Canadian request a permission from my gov or my embassy?

If you are getting married in Canada, you do not need permission from any government to get married.

There are numerous conditions for marrying in Saudi Arabia including:

  • You must apply for permission from the government
  • You must be between the ages of 30 and 50
  • Your boyfriend will have to prove he’s single and healthy
  • You’ll have to sign some documents attesting that you know your boyfriend is not becoming a Saudi citizen when he marries you.
That’s not the whole list. There’s more.

We strongly suggest marrying in Canada or some other country instead of Saudi Arabia if you can.

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