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Every Canadian permanent resident who is not yet a citizen should hold a valid PR Card. PR cards for newly landed immigrants are issued by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) upon arrival. CIC are also responsible for dealing with lost, stolen or damaged PR Cards.

How to get a new PR Card:

  • Complete the application form
  • Gather your documents:
    • Your passport
    • Your Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR) or Record of Landing
    • PR Card
    • Canadian ID (Driver’s License for example)
    • CRA Notice of Assessment
  • Make photocopies of your documents
  • Pay the Fee
  • Submit application and photocopies to IRCC
  • Get your PR Card in the mail
I am a permanent resident of Canada who travels often to my home country to work. I observed that each time I am leaving Canada, the airline check-in agent asks for my PR card and enters the data on their computer. Why do they do this? Also, each time I return to Canada, does the self-service kiosk store my PR card details at the point of scanning, or it is merely to check if my card is still valid to allow me enter Canada? Lastly, how does IRCC cross-check the residency days claimed by a PR during their renewal application? If there is a discrepancy between IRCC records (if any) and the applicant’s claims, how is this resolved? And whose records stand – IRCC or applicant?

If it’s the same airline as the return flight, the airline might be checking to make sure you can return to Canada. Without a valid PR Card, they’re not supposed to allow you on the return flight. (If it’s not the same airline, we are not sure why they are doing this.)

We cannot comment on what a airline does with this data.

When you apply for a new PR Card, you are asked to consent to CBSA sharing your information with IRCC. If you agree, CBSA shares your entries into Canada with IRCC. IRCC uses this data plus stamps in your passport to try to figure out if you were where you said you were. If they are not sure, they will ask you for more proof that you were in Canada. If it comes down to what they believe versus what you say, your status could be investigated further.

Canada do not yet have exit visas so, at the moment, it is only entries shared with IRCC. Once exit visas are introduced (and they are coming, due to an agreement with the US), they will know more from CBSA, and will not have to request additional information.

I am a Singaporean citizen currently living/going to university in Canada. I currently hold an expired PR card. I applied for a renewal in December 2016 and have been waiting for it since. I got notice that I’ll need to travel to the States in 2 weeks which is shorter than the 20 business days it takes to get the required travel document. I was advised to travel to Gatineau, Quebec where they process the travel documents and request a rush order which can be completed in a day. I’m trying to make sure this is the correct place to go and that the correct form for me to complete is the PPTC190 – of which was instructed to me by someone at IRCC, but that was on Friday and as it is the weekend now, I can’t call to confirm with anyone. Any tips for me would be much appreciated.

If you are driving to and from the US, you can use your COPR to re-enter. If you are flying, the best thing to do would be to change the return flight so that it flies to the closest US city near you, and then get a friend to come pick you up by car, so you can drive across with your COPR.

We don’t know if the trip to Gatineau would be worth it. We haven’t heard of anyone successfully doing so.

I got both PR photos stamped on the back. Is this ok?

Yes, it’s okay


As long as you have your PR Card as well, you can travel to Montreal from India.

I am a convention refugee. Received PR, and my PR card expiry date is same as my seized passport (CBSA), which is just over 2 years. Why did I not get PR that is valid for 5 years? Do I need to worry?

This is pretty standard practice. You do not need to worry. You can renew your PR Card when it is about to expire.

I am a convention refugee. Received PR, and my PR card expiry date is same as my seized passport (CBSA), which is just over 2 years. Why did I not get PR that is valid for 5 years? Do I need to worry?

Your PR status shouldn’t be conditional. As long as you comply with the residence requirement there should be no issues. Just renew your PR card when it expires.

i am in Canada applying for a pr card in Alberta. i have two kids from a previous marriage, but dont have custody of them. do i have to claim them on my pr application?

Is this a PR Card application or a permanent residence application? Because the answer is very different depending upon what type of application. If it’s a PR Card application, you do not need to mention your children.

I am a PR since aug 2016 and just got my last name changed on my indian passport also my Ontario’s health card and Drivers licence I assumed my husband’s last name after marriage, how do i change my last name on my PR card? Do I need to get my last name changed legally for it or I can assume my husband’s last name there as well.

If it’s on all your ID already, you probably don’t need to get the legal name change unless they ask for it.

My client is an 18 year old female and her family has permanent immigrant status. She wants to know if she leaves her abusive home will she be able to retain her status and stay at university?

Her PR status cannot be taken away if she moves.

How can i check if my PR card is still valid and not cancelled by the sponsor???

If you have a PR Card it cannot be cancelled by the person who sponsored you. You may be thinking of an old law which no longer exists but, even under that old law, the sponsor didn’t revoke your status, the government could have.

Your PR Card expires the day of its expiry date and no sooner.

is this law to keep your pr status still true: After you have landed officially in Canada, any time spent by you with your Canadian citizen spouse outside Canada is taken as the time you have been living within Canada to meet your obligations for permanent residency in Canada.

Yes, you can credit time spent abroad with a Canadian citizen spouse towards meeting your PR residence requirement.

I have applied for renewal of PR Card. I received an email from IRCC that I need to provide All passport copies held in last 5 years along with Personal immigration entry/exit record or Movement certificate issued by India. I have no idea how to get this document? Indian embassy doesn’t provide any such document or record. What should Is send them now?

One thing you could do is make a request to the Indian Embassy and submit the Indian Embassy’s response as part of the response to IRCC.

You should probably talk to an Immigration consultant.

I am in the process of renewing my PR card. My husband, a Canadian citizen, and I live in the U.S. now. I have fulfilled all of my residency requirements. I received an email today from Immigration asking for our Canadian address. We never claimed to still live in Canada and have used our current U.S. address on all documentation. Is a Canadian address a requirement to receive a renewed PR card?

PR Cards are normally mailed to addresses in Canada. Since you are allowed to remain outside of Canada because you are married to a Canadian citizen living outside of Canada, you may be allowed to request the PR Card be mailed to you. However, it’s possible IRCC will not waive the requirement and you may need to have it sent to an address you have in Canada (or a relative’s address).

I am a permanent resident of canada for 2 years can i go vacation outside of canada?

Yes, provided you have a PR Card.

We arrived March 20 2014 as a Permanent Resident, then my Son is now on the Philippines for a vacation for almost 1 year. He will be back next year August 2018 and our PR card will expire on Sept 2019. Is there gonna be a problem on his status if he will stay in the Philippines for 2 years? It was his first vacation since we arrived here last March 2014.

In order to renew his PR Card without issue, your son needs to not only meet the residence requirement of 2 years out of the last 5 living in Canada, but we suggest spending closer to 3 years in Canada. Since he will not be in this situation if he is overseas for two years, we recommend not reapply for his PR Card for a while until he exceeds the requirement. (He does need to return to Canada before his PR Card expires, though.)


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