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Global Entry FAQ

Support help line: 1-855-760-0888

The Global Entry Program is one the trusted traveller initiatives from the United States Customs and Border Protection. It has been designed to expedite customs and immigration clearance into the United States for air travellers who are US citizens or lawful permanent residents.

  1. To enrol in Global Entry, applicants must first file an application with US Customs and Border Protection. There is a $100 non-refundable fee for the application, even for infants and children (some credit cards reimburse this fee). Renewal of Global Entry requires an additional fee.
  2. Then submit to an interview and background check. The wait for an interview may be months. During the interview, the applicant’s fingerprints are captured and a digital photo is taken.
  3. Once an application is approved, the card is mailed to the applicant. The applicant may then use the Global Entry kiosk at any participating airport for a duration of five years past one’s next birthday following approval.
I am an American citizen who just received confirmation that my Canadian Permanent Residency was approved. I plan to arrive in a few months and just realized that I am almost out of pages in my passport (I have just two free). Should I arrive in Canada with my current US passport (and later apply for a new one) – Or should I renew my US passport before arriving in Canada (and show my old one as well)?

Renew your US passport after you land. It’s easy to do from Canada and this way you won’t create unnecessary hassles for yourself.

My wife and I, who live in Maryland, USA, are travelling to Ottawa In July. We both have valid Global Entry cards. Can we use the expedited border crossing lanes when we enter Canada?

No, Global Entry is for expedited entry into the United States only. For expedited entry into Canada as well, you need NEXUS Cards.

As a Canadian citizen with a permanent resident card what form do i fill out to apply for global entry?

You can apply for Global Entry here.

I’m a Canadian NEXUS card holder. Should I become a Global Entry program member?

If you have already been fingerprinted for your NEXUS card, and the Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) agency has your passport information on file, you are technically already a member of the Global Entry program. As a Canadian, you should remain a NEXUS member as Global Entry card holders cannot use NEXUS lanes when returning to Canada. If you wish to use Global Entry kiosks in US airports, you should check online whether you need to provide CBP any additional information to use these kiosks.

If I have a US entry visa, am I eligible for the Global Entry program?

Some visa holders are eligible and some are not. Please see this list for who is not eligible.

I have a criminal record but my conviction was years ago. Can I become a Global Entry program member?

No. A criminal conviction disqualifies you from being ?low-risk? traveler in the eyes of the Customs and Border Protection agency. Applicants should obtain a pardon before applying.

Do I need a Global Entry sticker on my passport?

No. You do not need the sticker to use the program. However, the sticker identifies you to customs officials as a member. It is better to have one to avoid delays.

What is the difference between Global Entry and NEXUS card?

NEXUS card is available to Canadian and US citizens and permanent residents. It can be used for air land and sea travel but only between the US and Canada.

Global Entry is only available to US citizens and permanent residents. It can only be used to expedite entry into the US at major airports but you can travel in from any destination in the world.

I want to renew my membership. What do I need to do?

You must submit your renewal application and the fee. You will be notified through the TTP online system whether or not you need an interview.

What is the Global Entry Program?

Global Entry is a trusted traveler program, which allows US citizens and lawful permanent residents to clear US Customs and Immigration faster at US airports.

Do I use my Global Entry card at the airport?

No. You must use your valid passport or permanent residence (I-551) card at the airport kiosk. The Global Entry card is for car travel only.

Why should I get a Global Entry card if I am already a member?

You should only get a Global Entry card if you are not a NEXUS/SENTRI card holder. The Global Entry card is only usable at land crossings in the NEXUS/SENTRI lanes. It is usable at all SENTRI lanes, but it is only usable in NEXUS lanes heading into the United States. You cannot use the Global Entry card to enter Canada.

I have been in the Global Entry program since 2009; do I need to get a card now?

No. You can buy a card for $15 if you do not have a NEXUS/SENTRI card and would like to use the NEXUS/SENTRI lanes.

Does the new Global Entry card cost extra money?

If you have become a member since July 12, 2011, there are no additional fees. If you became a member before July 12, 2011, and you would like a card it costs $15. You do not need to get a card to stay a member of the program.

Is there such a thing as a Global Entry Card?

As of July 12, 2011, the Global Entry program now provides members with a card for land travel between Canada, the United States and Mexico (if the member doesn’t already hold a NEXUS or SENTRI card). This card cannot be used at airports in place of your passport. It must be activated online before its first use.

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