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The NEXUS card is a trusted traveller initiative from the United States Customs and Border Protection. It was designed to expedite land, air and sea travel for low risk travellers between Canada and the United States. To get your NEXUS Card you must be eligible and then you must complete the following steps:

  • Create a account
  • Gather your citizenship and admissibility documents
  • Go to the TTP website
  • Complete the application
  • Book your interview
  • Attend your interview
  • Receive your NEXUS Card in the mail
The Issuing Authority on my new passport changed. This can’t be updated from the GOES account online. I went to the Nexus enrolment centre to have it updated. It’s been about 4 weeks but my profile on my GOES account still shows the old passport’s issuing Authority. My GOES profile show my changed job status updated during the same visit. Is the Issuing Authority important?

It’s probably not important. It depends which country we’re talking about, whether or not US authorities will be suspicious of the passport.

i am completing am application form to renew my nexus card. Under the document checklist section, I put in my passport and birth certificate info. What document do I use for citizenship document. I was born a Canadian citizen so only have a birth certificate and a canadian passport.

Your passport is used for both proof of identity and citizenship. If you are providing your passport you do not need to provide your birth certificate.

How do I add one more child to get a Nexus card, he wasn’t born yet when our family applied. Also, can I get a temporary Nexus card for my mother who is visiting Canada on a Supervisa?

You have to submit a separate application for your child for their NEXUS Card; you cannot add the child to your card.

NEXUS Card holders must be residents of Canada or the United States so your mother is not eligible.

I sent in our paper application on February 20,2017 and still have not received a letter from them – it is now May 3 – can i call them or stop by a nexus office to find out the status

No you cannot call to find out the status of your application.

Create an online account to see if you can discover you application status.

Just received email regarding renewing my NEXUS membership. I’m a Canadian citizen married to a US Citizen and have just applied for a green card for permanent residence in the U.S. (case is pending). Can I still renew my NEXUS membership?


I just changed my name to my married name on my Canadian passport. Do I need to change my name on my nexus card too?

Yes, of course you do.

How do I book Nexus interviews for myself and my wife , it seems we have two separate accounts

First you need to make sure your appointments are booked close together (preferably in consecutive spots). Then you need to call the Enrolment Centre where you are booked and ask if you can be seen together. You can also ask when you show up for the first of your appointments.

I have to replace my lost Nexus card.What do I need to do?

First you need to report it lost to the nearest enrolment centre. (It does not have to be the enrolment centre you had your interview at.)

I recently got married and changed my name on my Canadian license and health card. I have not yet updated my passport. The two identification documents tied to my Nexus are my passport (old name) and license (new name). Can I update the license to the new name, or will this effect my nexus status?

Updating your license will not, in itself, affect your NEXUS. But if you are asked to present an ID in addition to your NEXUS and you have no other IDs in your name, you may have issues. So you should update your NEXUS Card after you update your license.

Are two Nexus applications required if we plan on using it for both air and land travel?

No, only one application is necessary. But you need to make sure you get an iris scan as you cannot use your NEXUS Card for air travel without the iris scan. Iris scans are only available at some enrolment centres.

Can I fly into the USA with an expired Nexus card? And use the Nexus line?

No. Of course you can’t use the NEXUS line if your NEXUS Card is expired. That’s what expired means.

My daughter’s Canadian passport expires on April 16. During that time we will be in the United States. Will she have a problem coming back using her Nexus card on April 17?

If you are flying, your daughter will not be allowed to enter the US if her passport expires before your planned date of departure. However, the NEXUS Card is sometimes acceptable as a passport replacement when driving across the border.

I have a Global Entry and applied for Nexus over 2 months ago. Still in review. Problem?

It can take 3 months even longer. The processing delays have been getting worse and worse. So no, no problem.

I had my Nexus card confiscated about a year ago at the US border because I had failed to notify Nexus of a status change – I had gotten a TN1 Visa. i now have an E2 Visa and want to re-apply. is there anything I need to know or do before re-applying?

You should attempt to address the reason you card got confiscated. If you can’t do so in the online application, be prepared to do so in the interview as you will get asked about it if you get that far in the process.

I just got a DUI in Alberta and have a Nexus card-am I required/supposed to inform them of this? Also will this cause my card not to be renewed when it expires (not til 2020)?

Yes, you are obligated to inform them of your charge. If you have been convicted, it will likely result in the confiscation of your NEXUS Card.


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