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Canada Passport FAQ

Canadian citizens are eligible to apply for a Canadian passport. You do not have to be resident in Canada to apply for a new or to renew your Canadian passport. Canadian passports are issued by Passport Canada.

  • Choose the passport application you need: regular or simplified renewal
  • Complete the passport application
  • Gather your required documents and get your photos taken
  • Get your guarantor to endorse your application: If you are a Canadian citizen applying for your first Canadian passport, or your current Canadian passport has been expired for more than 1 year, then you will need to find a guarantor. A guarantor is someone other than yourself who confirms your identity for Passport Canada.
  • Submit your application by mail or in person.
On my PR card, why is my Maiden Name written right after my First Name? My Given Name on my card shows actually my Maiden Name, it is not part of my First/Given Name. In the Philippines, our Maiden name is our Middle Name. My passport shows First Name: Last Name: Middle Name: Will it create confusion later? Do I need to reissue my PR card and change my Given Name only to first name? At times, when I fill up forms and asking about my Given Name, what should I write?

The name on your PR Card is based on the name on your Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR) which, in turn, is based upon the name on your passport when you “landed,” i.e. began a permanent resident. So, if you want to change your name on your Pr Card, you’ll have to change it on your COPR, which means changing it on your passport or demonstrating that it is not your middle name on your passport, but your maiden name.

If you don’t want to change it, then you’ll have to use your ID as it is. But you can omit your “middle” name when asked for your given name. Many people do unless the form asks for your middle name.

I have been a permanent resident since 2011, I was on my way to buying an airline ticket last week when I lost my PR card. My question is how long does it take to replace a lost PR card as I need to travel to Africa next month which March. Also, can I travel without my PR card as I am only going for 3 weeks?

It currently takes 70 days to replace a PR Card. If you are traveling for an emergency, you may be able to convince them to issue the card sooner.

If you travel to Africa without your PR Card, you will need to get a Permanent Resident Travel Document while in Africa; the processing time is 2-3 weeks. Alternatively, you can change your return flight to the US and drive back to Canada with your Confirmation of Permanent Residence.

I am going to marry my girlfriend who is an American here in Ontario. I am a Canadian citizen. What do we need to get our wedding license and for her to stay while she applies for citizenship?

To marry, you need to provide IDs (she should use her passport), complete the marriage license application and pay the fee.

Your girlfriend cannot apply for citizenship unless she is a permanent resident of Canada already, and meets the other requirements. If she is not a permanent resident, you must sponsor her for permanent residence. You can read more about that process on this page or, in a more organized presentation, here.

I’m applying for first passports for my 5 year old daughters. Can I submit the forms to any service Canada office? Does my wife and children need to be there with me? 

Your family does not need to accompany your when you submit your daughters’ passport applications. If you submit your applications at Service Canada, the processing time is 20 business days not including mailing time. If you submit your application as a Passport Canada office, it is 10 business days.

I am born in Canada but currently living in Lebanon. I have the Canadian passport and identity but lived all my life in Lebanon. I am planing to go back to Canada to work and live there. My soon to be fiance is Lebanese with a Lebanese passport. How can i take him with me to Canada or how long do i have to live in Canada until i can have him with me

You must sponsor your fiance for permanent residence. If you have not lived together for at least one year, you need to marry before you sponsor him. Then you have three options:

  • You move back to Canada and submit the sponsorship application while he remains in Lebanon (outland)
  • He applies for a visitor visa and, once he has it, you both travel to Canada and then you sponsor him (inland)
  • You submit the sponsorship application while you are both still in Lebanon (bad idea).


I have applied to renew my pr card but i don’t think it will arrive before i go to Cuba what should i do. I go to Cuba on the 8th of April 2017

If you leave Canada without a PR Card you have two choices when returning to Canada:

  • Apply for an emergency travel document while in Cuba (takes 2-3 weeks)
  • Switch your flight to the US (provided you have a visa or ESTA for the US) and drive across the border into Canada with your Confirmation of Permanent Residence.

i got separated with my wife soon after they arrived in canada as permanent residents. my daughter lives with her ever since. can i include my daughter in my canadian citizen application even if she doesn’t live with me?

As long as you have legal custody of your daughter, you can include her in your citizenship application. If you don’t have custody, your daughter will have to apply on her own wait until her mother applies.

I was born in the UK in 1969 to British parents and hold a British passport and citizenship. I moved to Canada in 1980 and continue to have a British passport. I would like to get may daughter born in 1999 a British passport but do not have a marriage license to her mother. Is there some other form of proof of parentage that I can provide as I was asked for a marriage license and cannot produce one as we were living in a common law partnership.

Unless you have some kind of legal agreement establishing that you and your wife were common law at the time of your daughter’s birth, you may need to Register your daughter as a British Citizen first. The UK Passport Office is supposed to accept her as your daughter for passport purposes if you and your wife have behaved as if she was legitimate, however that is at their discretion.

I am going to morocco to get married. I’m wondering how long does it take for her to come to canada to live here. I heard from one source that it takes 2 years, and a lawyer told me it used to be 3 but January 2017 it has been changed from 6 to 8 months.

The official processing time is 12 months, but that depends upon numerous factors including where your wife is currently. Processing times vary by visa office but IRCC no longer publishes the individual processing times of the visa offices.

My niece moved to the US from Canada about 10 years ago and obtained a US citizenship. Previously a Canadian citizen. She now wants get a Canadian passport in addition to her US passport. She says she needs a Canadian sponsor. What are the legal responsibilities and costs to a sponsor.

Your niece did not lose her Canadian citizenship unless she renounced it officially. She needs to apply for a new passport by mail. See our complete guide for applying for a passport.

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