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Canada Passport FAQ

Canadian citizens are eligible to apply for a Canadian passport. You do not have to be resident in Canada to apply for a new or to renew your Canadian passport. Canadian passports are issued by Passport Canada.

  • Choose the passport application you need: regular or simplified renewal
  • Complete the passport application
  • Gather your required documents and get your photos taken
  • Get your guarantor to endorse your application: If you are a Canadian citizen applying for your first Canadian passport, or your current Canadian passport has been expired for more than 1 year, then you will need to find a guarantor. A guarantor is someone other than yourself who confirms your identity for Passport Canada.
  • Submit your application by mail or in person.
I married a Canadian citizen in California in 1987. I went there for a year and found out that he was already married to someone else in Canada and had a son. I left, came back to California and filed for annulment. The court failed to process the paperwork here. I need to complete the divorce. I do not know where he is or how to go about this. Can you suggest a solution?

Depending upon where you live now, you might be able to get the divorce where you live. Canada, for example, allows divorce after a period of estrangement.

looking for a letter of consent form to apply my daughter for NEXUS. This form is to be filled out by my ex.

Here is a consent letter from a private company. You can also find templates from the Canadian government.

I just received the COPR and the Visa stamped on the all passports of my family and I noticed that the given name in the satmped visa of my child is missing the last 2 letters may be due the long of his name while the name is complete in his COPR as per the his passport. My question is this will affect our entry to Canada as I will arrange my landing in July 2017?

If the last two letters are omitted due to length, that’s entirely normal. There are only so many characters available for names on COPRs and also on PR Cards.

can i apply PR with temporary marriage certificate or not? my wife has PR and we live together in Canada,but my status i am a Refugee Client.So what will be the process to follow?and what document i surpose to have?

You cannot be sponsored with a marriage license, you have to have the actual marriage certificate.

I am married my husband is a permanent resident and he sponsored me , Permanent residency letter states we need we must cohabit in a conjugal relationship for a continuous period of 2 years however in between i had to travel for 20 days to India while he was in Canada and again will have to stay in India for 6 months due to personal reasons,during which i would be staying in INdia and my husband in Canada.Will this hamper the Permanent resident clause, will i not be a permanent resident once i return , once i return will i have to be legally married and stay with him


This requirement was removed. You are no longer legally obligated to cohabitate for two years in order to keep your status.

If a child wishes to come to Canada to live with their Canadian parent, but has never lived in Canada before, what is the process to get them here?

If the child is a dependent (under 22) then the child can be sponsored through the Family sponsorship program. If the child is not a dependent, the child has to immigrate normally.

I am a Ghanaian and I have an eTA visa but I don’t know why I can’t travel from Ghana with it

If your question refers to travelling to Canada: Ghanaians need visitor visas to come to Canada. We don’t know why you’ve been granted an eTA because you’re not eligible for an eTA.

i am in Canada applying for a pr card in Alberta. i have two kids from a previous marriage, but dont have custody of them. do i have to claim them on my pr application?

Is this a PR Card application or a permanent residence application? Because the answer is very different depending upon what type of application. If it’s a PR Card application, you do not need to mention your children.

My partner married his foreign ex wife to bring her to canada but she never came and they divorced, but he has her name on his PR as wife can he sponsor me to come over

Whether or not he can sponsor you depends upon whether or not he sponsored his ex wife – or whether she came with him when he immigrated – and, if he sponsored her, when he sponsored her. If he sponsored her within the last five years, he can’t sponsor you. Otherwise, he can sponsor you.

I am a Mexican citizen currently living in Canada, a couple of days ago I officially received my “Confirmation of Permanent Residency.” I’ve decided that to get it validated, I’m going to go home for two weeks in April. Do I need to get an eTA? Or will departing/returning to Canada with my COPR and my USA Visitor Visa be enough?

You need an eTA if you don’t have a valid eTA at the moment.

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