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Canadian Birth Certificate FAQ

Support help line: 1-866-760-2623

When a child is born in Canada, its parents must register the birth and apply for a birth certificate. This must be done in the province where the child was born.

If you need a replacement birth certificate or you never had one, you must consult the registrars in the relevant province:

In most cases, you need to complete an application and provide proof that you are eligible for the birth certificate (the person named on the certificate, or a parent or child). Not all provinces and territories allow online applications, however.

I was born in toronto and have a canadian birh certificate. I am now living out of the country, but I just got married and I need to change my name. How do I get started?

If you want to change your name on your birth certificate, as well, you need to submit a form to the Vital Statistics Office or Registrar General for the province you were born in.

Please note that in many countries you can change your name due to marriage without changing your name on your birth certificate.

i just Recently become canadian citizen and i have 2 kids who born outside before i become citizen can i get them birth certificate

Not from Canada, you can’t.

You can sponsor them for permanent residence and then, once they are permanent residents, you can apply for their Canadian citizenship. But nobody can get a birth certificate who wasn’t born in Canada.

I’m trying to help an elderly friend get her certified Canadian birth certificate which she needs to get her driver’s license in Massachusetts. She was born in Quebec. How do I go about helping her?

She can apply for a new Quebec birth certificate, or a certified copy of such, on the Quebec government’s website.

can i get additional copy of birth certificate

You cannot have two birth certificates at the same time. You can replace once that’s lost or damaged.

I have a plastic blue card for my Canadian birth certificate I will soon have to apply to renew my green card will I need another birth certificate? Where do I apply for renewal of my green card?

This is a Canadian website. We do not know about US Green Card policies. However, Birth Certificates do not normally expire.

I lost my Ontario birth certificate, I’m completely broke an can’t get any funding EI etc without it, what can I do

You need to apply for a new one from the Ontario government. A new birth certificate costs $25.00

I need a notarized copy of my mother’s birth certificate

The province where she was born can likely issue a certified true copy of the birth certificate which you would be eligible to apply for as next of kin. If they won’t give you a certified true copy, then you can apply for the original and get it notarized by a Notary Public in your area.

My boyfriend was born in Toronto, moved to the U.K. when he was 6, is a British citizen and is currently living in Osby, Sweden. He is coming to visit me in Missouri in July. With the new travel regulations, he is having to get his passport renewed and in order to do this, he is having to get a replacement copy of his birth certificate. The Canadian Embassy in Stockholm directed us Ontario’s website. Where we are running into problems is finding a Canadian guarantor in Sweden. He has a guarantor that is on the approved list of professions but we need things expedited so that he can get his passport renewed in time for his trip July 1. We started this process weeks ago and have not made any progress. Help!

You can pay the Ontario government for “premium service” which speeds up the processing time to 5 business days.

My son was born in Winnipeg, MB 09/18/98, in 2000, I moved him and myself to Florida. A couple years later, my mother adopted him while I went to treatment. I had his original certificate, and lost it, then my Mom sent for a new one, of course with her name on it. She gave him back to me when she felt I could handle it. I have had him since he started kindergarten. Whenever apply for a new one and pay for it, it can only be with her last name on it, which he does not go by and never has. My rights were terminated by Vital Statistics, have any suggestions, my son is 18 now and needs an I.D.

Your son is going to have to change the registration of birth, as it seems to have been changed when the adoption took place. He should read up on how to change it. He can call Manitoba Vital Statistics if he is having trouble: 1-866-949-9296.

Born in Nova Scotia, living in Alberta, where do I go to get new birth certificate

You can apply for a Nova Scotia birth certificate here.

i was born in england now living in canada but i would like a new birth certificat

You need to contact the Registrar for the country you were born in: England and Wales are handled by the same office, but Scotland and Northern Ireland have their own.

I need a cn birth certificate to apply to collect my Social security in the USA . How do I get it as I only have my passport

Contact the Registrar General or Vital Statistics Office to get your Canadian Birth Certificate.

how can i replace my lost birth certificate

You need to apply for a new birth certificate at your province’s Vital Statistics Office or Registrar General.

Hi my mum was born in Ottawa, Vanvier city in Canada. I need her birth certificate in order to apply for a passport. Where can i get it from?

You can order your mother’s birth certificate online from the Ontario government.

I was born in Montreal Canada, but am living in the USA. I would like to get a Canadian passport, but need my birth certificate. I understand that the wallet sized birth certificate I received in 1987 is no longer valid. I have tried to use the Vital Statistics Canada office But I keep running into roadblocks, such as needing a Canadian issued Social Security number. Can you please tell me how I can get my Birth Certificate?

There is no federal vital statistics office. You need to contact the Quebec Directeur de l’etat civil. You do not need a SIN number to replace your birth certificate.

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