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I got COPR for me as main applicant with my family ( wife and 3 children) and i am planing for landing with my family in the July 2017 and i will stay just for 2 weeks and then leave back to home country to finalize my staff which mean before receiving the PR my family will stay and wait and collect the PR and then they will leave Canada with PR to join me in home country for awhile then we will fly back to Canada in mid of 2018 . my question is this applicable or not ?

Yes, you can do that. This is not what Canada had in mind when it granted you PR status but there’s nothing to stop you from doing it.

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How can i prove to the Canadian government that i want to reside in Canada with my husband. I am a Canadian citizen

The easiest way to do this is to move back to Canada before submitting the sponsorship application.

If, for some reason, that is not an option, owning property in Canada, and creating an itinerary – including purchased tickets – for travel to Canada, and arranging employment are options. However, it is unlikely these will be acceptable. Most sponsorship applications where the Canadian citizen is abroad are refused.

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I am a Canadian and a British citizen. I have gone by my middle name since birth. My Canadian passport is issued as A John Doe, where A is the initial of my first name. I have recently attempted to renew my British passport for the first time, however HMPO is refusing to issue the passport as Arthur John Doe (my correct legal name) since I have a passport from a second country issued in a “different name” (in this case simply an initial. They will also not issue it as A John Doe as they do not deal with initials. They are insisting that I either prove a legal change of name to A John Doe or have my Canadian passport re-issued as Arthur John Doe (a route I’d prefer not to take if possible as all of my other ID/credit cards etc. read John Doe and I have always had airline tickets issued with John Doe as opposed to Arthur Doe.) Is there any alternative to these two options and, if not, can I readily enough have my Canadian passport re-issued as A John Doe once the UK passport has been renewed?

The simplest solution would likely be to change your name on your Canadian passport if you want to change your name on your UK passport. If Her Majesty’s Passport Office will not issue your passport with an initial, there doesn’t seem to be much else you can do.

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I am a permanent resident since 1986 and am married to a Canadian, carry a Swedish passport. My PR card expired and I applied for a new one 4 weeks ago, but the CIC does not show it as being in process. What could happen if I decide to go on vacation to Cuba with my expired PR card? 

If you travel to Cuba without a PR Card, you’ll have to do one of two things to return to Canada:

  • Get a PR Travel Document (PRTD) in Cuba, which takes 2-3 weeks
  • Fly to the US and drive across the Canadian border with your Record of Landing.
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I got my and my wife COPR on Jan 15, 2017, and I landed in Canada on Feb01 2017, but my COPR expiry is in 12/08/2019 with the same date of my Passport expiration and My wife COPR expiry is until 2024, So I am confused now is it possible my COPR is valid until my passport validity. Please help and its easy to renew my PR card after expiry.

If you have both “landed” you have become permanent residents and should have received PR Cards. Your PR Card is important whereas your COPR is not; you should put your COPR in a safe place as you do not need to use it for anything. You can ignore the expiry date on your COPR if you have landed already.

You need to renew your PR Card every five years when it expires. At that point, you need to have met the requirements of permanent residence but, if you don’t, your status has to be revoked, it will not just expired.

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I moved to Canada with my mother in 1979 and wondering if I am needing to apply & carry a pr card? I lived in Usa for 2 years 1985-1987 and remainder again here in Canada. I have four children who were born in Saskatchewan Canada.

You need a PR Card to travel outside of Canada by plane, train or cruise ship. If you merely drive to the US and back, you can use your landing paper to re-enter Canada.

If you do not travel internationally, you might only need your PR Card if some government agency or company requires proof of status and will not accept a landing paper.

Otherwise, you do not need a PR Card.

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