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I have lived in Canada for 2 years on my Irish passport and a working visa, I came home and want to go back on my British passport, I have never actually lived in Britain, (got the passport because of my British father) do I have to be residing in Britain to apply for the 2 year working visa as a British citizen

You can apply for International Experience Canada as a British citizen without residing in the UK. That’s not what makes you ineligible.

What makes you ineligible is that you already participated in this program for 2 years.

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How much does it cost to get a working holiday visa?

Costs for the visa vary from country to country e.g. the cost for the visa for Latvia is CDN $230, whereas the visa costs in Chile are USD $440. Additionally, travel to the country you choose will affect the price as will accommodation and the cost of living and the rate of exchange you get for your Canadian dollars.

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Which countries participate in the working holiday visa scheme?

The following countries take part in the program: Australia, Belgium, Chile, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Republic of Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan and the UK. Austria and Switzerland have working holiday visas for young professionals and students in co-op education programs.

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