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My wife is British (citizen and passport holder) and I am Canadian (citizen and passport holder). Her permanent residency is currently in process, as there is a fairly long waiting process. At the moment, her British passport has a document in it indicating that she is my spouse, and that she has an extended 1 year visitor visa until her Canadian paperwork get filed. Anyways, we have a trip to the United States coming up (vacation), and her ESTA was just denied. From my understanding, she needs ESTA as a British passport holder, however the last few times we’ve gone to the US, we got a visa for her (spouse of Canadian visitor or something). What do we do now?

She needs to apply for a visitor visa to the US.

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Is there a way to travel abroad with a PR but no passport and return back as well? I want to spend my vacation abroad this summer and my Iraqi passport has expired and will take a very long time to renew as I need to renew my Iraqi ID as well in order to do that and the whole process is a pain in the ***. I’ve been living in Canada for nearly 3 years now and I was wondering if it’s possible to travel abroad with a travel document or something even if it is only valid for one trip.

The short answer is no.

Refugee Travel Documents are for Canadian permanent residents who cannot get passports from their countries, not those who just don’t want to wait.

If you could get an enhanced driver’s license, you might be able to travel to the US by car. However you would still need a visa and you need a passport for the visa application.

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i want to go to turkey with my Canadian pr card. I am not a citizen of any country and i don’t have passport as well. Do i need other documents in order to go for vacation to turkey? Can i apply for turkish visa with my pr card only?

You need either a Refugee Travel Document or Certificate of Identity from the Canadian government (likely the latter). You can get it from the Canadian Passport Program. if you would like assistance, Immigroup can help you. The government will issue the appropriate document once the application is submitted.

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I am 17 years old and i have a Philippines passport but i have my pr card with me. Can i still travel without my parents? Do i need a consent from them? or can i travel with my relatives without them

Normally 16 years of age is considered the age at which you can travel without your parents’ written consent, however some countries may regard 18 years of age as the age of majority for travel. You should check with the country you’re travelling to or get a consent letter to be safe.

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