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I am travelling in 2 days by car from Canada to u.s border. I cannot find my son’s birth certificate( I have the short form but not long on hand) and his passport is expired. He really wanted to join me and his step father. if I bring my separation agreement, a letter legally stamped with his father’s signature and his short form birth certificate what are the chances they will let us cross ?

It depends upon the officer. They may let you in with the short form birth certificate but tell you to bring the long form next time. They may also turn you away because the birth certificate does not show your name.

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I have received refugee status in canada and applied for a travel document that was valid for one year I traveled abroad to a third country and my travel document expired while still in abroad is there way I could get back to Canada ?

Travel Document services are currently suspended due to the pandemic.

Contact the nearest Canadian Embassy/High Commission or Consulate to see if they can offer you some help.

In normal circumstances you might be able to apply by mail but they would be concerned about your overseas address.

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Which passport you use to enter a country is up to you. If you have a visa to UAE in your Indian passport and you want to enter UAE then you should use the passport with your visa, the Indian one, in order to enter.

This is a Canadian website and we don’t know the rules for surrendering passports for other countries but, presumably, if you surrender your Indian passport, you need to do so to an Indian Embassy or Consulate.

If you do so in Indian, using your Canadian passport to enter India when you have a valid Indian passport seems like it will just make it harder to enter India (before you’ve surrendered your passport).

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