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I am a Protected Refugee in Canada, My Permanent Residence application is in process. I have Canadian travel document for refugee as well.My question is, I want to go to some other country to complete my education that is not possible if I stay in Canada,Am i eligible to go to some other country to study on my refugee travel document without having PR?The duration of studies will be of 2 years.

You should speak to a refugee lawyer. But, to the best of our knowledge, you cannot leave Canada to study elsewhere if you want to maintain refugee status in Canada and obtain PR through it.

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Permanent Resident Travel Document. I am a permanent resident in Canada (just activated it on 17-Feb-2017. Therefore my PR card is not issued yet. Now my only grandmother died and the funeral is next week. I am able to go to Switzerland but not able to return to Canada without a PR card or a PR Travel document (which can only be obtained from outside of Canada – but I would only be in Switzerland for about 1 week – 4 business days. I have been in touch with the border services, CIC helpcenter, the Canadian Embassy in Switzerland but no solution can be presented to me. I thought the PR will make things easier (and I worked hard and a long time on it to get it) but it seems it made it all just more complicated. Is there anyway you can help me?

You can attempt to submit the application before you travel, but we don’t know whether or not it will be accepted.

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I am Syrian who had a private sponsorship and resettled from Iraq to Canada. I worked for a multinational company in Iraq and I should go back to Iraq for less than one year. What should I do in order not to be prohibited from re entering Canada and lose my asylum. I will go and follow-up my company to transfer my job to Canada.

If your Canadian travel document prevents you from travelling to Iraq, you could lose your status in Canada if it is discovered that you travelled to Iraq. If your document does not prevent you from travelling to Iraq, you can.

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