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If I don’t to hold the Canadian passport because I want to apply the another citizen(which) I came from that country, can I still live in Canada or if I want to come back what I need to do? I will lost the Canadian right or all the benefit currently I received?

It depends what your status is. If you’re a Canadian citizen, you have no obligation to get a passport. Not having a passport will not affect your citizenship. However, if you travel outside of Canada you will have a hard time coming back to Canada without a Canadian passport (unless you are driving a car).

If you are not a Canadian citizen, the answer is a lot more complicated, and depends upon your status and how long you’ve been in Canada.

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I am a landed immigrant from Scotland….I have been here since 1967 and have never applied for my citizenship…What would I have to do to apply for my citizenship…I have heard that you have to take a test….But since I have been here in Canada so long could I be entitled to a honorary Canadian citizen?…Also if I apply to a British passport mine expired years ago can I still travel with it…

If you are over 54 years of age, you don’t have to takeĀ  the citizenship test and can apply right now.

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I am in the process of applying for citizenship in Canada. My passport expired back in 2013, during this time I didn’t travel outside of Canada, for this reason I didn’t renewed my passport. On the application I have explained the reason why I didn’t renew the passport, I have provided enough evidence that shows I was in Canada for the last 4 years including school documents. Does having an expired passport will cause a problem in the process?

Provided they accept your explanation about your passport, it should not cause any problems.

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