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My husband is a Canadian. I am a Taiwanese who is applying for the permanent resident. We have 6 year-old and 4-year-old children who both born outside of Canada. Kids and I all live in Taiwan. Kids’ father got his Canadian citizenship by naturalization 15 years ago. So the kids are Canadian by the law. But we just sent their application for the citizenship two days ago. Are they not Canadian officially because they never get their Canada citizenship? And Kids father is working in Canada right now. Kids and I want to visit him and family in Canada. But the new law says Canadian who want to entry Canada by air must show the Canadian Passport. So do my kids not allow to enter Canada without their Canada passport? If they can’t, can we drive kids from US to Canada with Taiwan passport and ESTA from US? And will Canada border service reject kids’ entry by land? Kids’ father can’t come to visit us until February 2018, so I hope I can take kids to visit their father.

Provided you just submitted applications for their citizenship certificates, you have the following options:

  • Wait until they have their citizenship certificates then:
    • apply for their Canadian passports and travel to Canada by air with those passports
    • drive across the border with their citizenship certificates
  • Drive to Canada and have them enter as visitors on their Taiwanese passports.

The ESTA is no help for Canada. You would all need ETAs or visitor visas to fly to Canada without Canadian passports.

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If I don’t to hold the Canadian passport because I want to apply the another citizen(which) I came from that country, can I still live in Canada or if I want to come back what I need to do? I will lost the Canadian right or all the benefit currently I received?

It depends what your status is. If you’re a Canadian citizen, you have no obligation to get a passport. Not having a passport will not affect your citizenship. However, if you travel outside of Canada you will have a hard time coming back to Canada without a Canadian passport (unless you are driving a car).

If you are not a Canadian citizen, the answer is a lot more complicated, and depends upon your status and how long you’ve been in Canada.

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I am a landed immigrant from Scotland….I have been here since 1967 and have never applied for my citizenship…What would I have to do to apply for my citizenship…I have heard that you have to take a test….But since I have been here in Canada so long could I be entitled to a honorary Canadian citizen?…Also if I apply to a British passport mine expired years ago can I still travel with it…

If you are over 54 years of age, you don’t have to take  the citizenship test and can apply right now.

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