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I wonder if I can still be qualified to be granted for a Canadian citizenship without taking any exam. Because my mother who turned 60 last 2015 was granted to have her Canadian citizenship but she forgot to include me with her application since she sponsored me and I became a permanent resident in January 2010. Looking forward to hear from you. 

If you are between the ages of 18 and 54 you must take the citizenship test. If you are younger than 18 years of age, and submit your application before you turn 18, you will not have to take the citizenship test or provide proof of language ability.

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I planned to apply for Canadian Citizenship this February 2017,may I know how long will I wait for me to do the test for canadian citizenship? And also, I planned to go for vacation in the Philippines on August 2017,can I still go for my vacation if my application for canadian citizenship is still on process?

As of 2017, the processing time for Canadian citizenship applications is 12 months. The citizenship test will occur near the end of that year.

As long as your PR Card is still valid, you can travel outside of Canada during your citizenship application process.

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Hi, my child is not PR here cause they decline my application before for my son coz they told me that I didn’t include my son to my Pr application before but now I’m to planning to apply for citizenship and I have to declare my son what will gonna happen?

If you did not declare your son on your initial application for PR, you are unable to sponsor him and therefore you will have to become a citizen without him also getting citizenship.

If he wants to immigrate to Canada, he will have to do so on his own without your help.

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