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I m not Canadian born. I lost my passport, I can’t find my citizenship card nor driver license or SIN card. I m not in Canada. What should I do n which application form should be use?

You need to apply for a replacement citizenship certificate but you need to make it clear that you are applying for it in order to apply for your passport. It could help to include information about passport requirements from your local Embassy/Consulate or a letter of explanation stating that you need to apply for a passport because you lost it.

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My husband needs to replace his drivers license but needs a Certificate of Citizenship to do so. The one he has is not accepted any more by BC Motor Vehicles. He has paid for and received a proof of citizenship letter, but they say that is not acceptable as proof of citizenship. Request for replacement Citizenship Certificate denied without picture ID. He is caught in a never ending circle. Any suggestions?

Something weird is happening here. We suggest speaking to an RCIC or lawyer if BC Motor Vehicles continues to refuse to recognize his Citizenship Card or Verification of Status.

Here are some potential options:

  1. He can get a BC Provincial Photo ID Card so he can apply for his Citizenship Certificate.
  2. Alternatively, he can print off information from IRCC’s website stating that the Citizenship Card is acceptable proof. He should be prepared to call IRCC at 1-888-242-2100 when this explanation is rejected. Hopefully he can get the person from BC Motor Vehicles to speak to the person from IRCC so they can understand he is a citizen.
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I sent in my application for a new citizenship certificate in February due to a name change and I got a letter at the end of February stating that my application will be reviewed. I have been trying to check my application status online, but nothing is coming up. My friend is taking her bridesmaids to Cuba in 2 and a half months. I am the maid of honor at her wedding and it’s very important to her that I am able to come. Please let me know if this an acceptable reason for urgent processing?

Needing your citizenship certificate for a passport required for a booked trip may indeed be acceptable for expedited processing. You will need to prove to IRCC that you are applying for a passport and that you need the passport by a certain day. Proof of your trip and your role in the wedding will help.

Please note that expedited processing is entirely at the discretion of IRCC.

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