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I am the daughter of a man born in Canada in 1916. He became a naturalized citizen of the US in 1943. I was born in 1944 as a US citizen. Am I eligible for Canadian citizenship because my father was born in Canada?

That’s a complicated question as Canadian citizenship as a nationality did not exist until 1947. So your father was a British subject when he naturalized in the US and so the British Nationality and Status of Aliens Act 1914 applies. And according to that law, he would have lost his British subject status by nationalizing in the United States, meaning you cannot claim Canadian citizenship through your father.

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I have a citizenship card. The name on the back is exactly the same name on the immigration paper. The name on the front has added my English name. When I went to Ontario service center to change my name on my driving license. The officer said I have to change my name on the citizenship card. I don’t understand is that my passport, health card have my English name. What should I do?

It depends which name you want to change. If you want your English name on your citizenship card, you will have to apply for a new citizenship certificate (the cards have been retired).

If you want to change your names to your original, you will have to use your landing paper and your citizenship card to have them changed.

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My father is a Canadian citizen. I am an American adult. What documents do I need to apply for a Canadian citizenship

Provided your father became Canadian by birth or by naturalization (ceremony), you do not need to apply for citizenship, as you are a Canadian citizen.

What you need to apply for is a Canadian citizenship certificate. In order to do that, you will need your father’s birth certificate (or Canadian citizenship certificate or card) and your American birth certificate showing that he is your father. You will also have to provide a photo ID (your driver’s license is sufficient, or your passport) and some photos.

Submit the application by courier (so you can track it) to:

Case Processing Centre, Sydney
Proof of citizenship
49 Dorchester Street
Sydney, NS
B1P 5Z2

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