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me and my family went to live in canada in 2013. We had our PR card. I was then a teenage. Unfortunately after just 1month we all had to return back tou our country because of some family matters. Now i am an adult i want to go to canada and attend an undergraduate course at The university of Waterloo and of course settle there. My PR card expires in May 2018. If i go to canada in May this year, will my PR be renewed the next year?

If you successfully enter Canada before your PR Card expires, you will maintain your status and can attend university as a Canadian student.

If you try to travel to Canada after it expires, or your status is revoked before you are able to enter to Canada, you will have to apply for a study permit and pay international student fees if you are allowed to study in Canada.

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I got an email from CIC informing me that my application for renew my PRC will be delay for second review since October12, 2016 and till date it shows in process on my online application status. can I send an urgent inquiry to travel to my country as my Mum passed away on June 2016 and my Dad in his eighties and living alone.

You can travel and apply for a PRTD while you’re outside of the country, that’s one option.

Alternatively, you can get a copy of the death certificate and submit it with a request for urgent processing for your PR Card and hope that they issue it before you travel.

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I recently got my PR card and I went to back home and got married. Now I lost my PR card and I am in the united states. what is my situation, can I travel by road with out PR card. Do I need to inform at border that I have got married, please give some advice

You can enter Canada by private vehicle without a PR Card. This means you cannot take the bus, but you have to drive across in a car. (You could also walk across.) You do not have to tell the border guard you got married but if they ask why you went on your trip, you should be honest.

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I arrived in Canada on parents and grand parents supervisa. I was sponsored and did my medicals in canada and got PR in Dec 2016. I still have not received my PR card and need to travel overseas. Can travel on my supervisa and enter Canada without PR card?

No, you cannot, your super visa bestowed temporary status on you, but not you have permanent status and your visa is no longer valid. You need to get your PR Card renewed. Alternatively, you can apply for a PRTD while overseas.

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Q: I was married when I became permanent resident of Canada. As my passport was having my maiden name so, the PR card came with the maiden name on it. Now, I want to change the name from maiden name to my husbands’s last name on permanent resident card? If I apply for replacement of PR card, does CIC will accept my application and will send me a new PR card with my husband’s last name? I have already change the back home passport with new name (i.e. having my husband’s last name) and also have received the Name Change certificate from Office of Registrar, Ontario.

If you provide your name change with your PR Card renewal, your name will be changed on your PR Card.

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I am a convention refugee and my pr is under process almost 1 and 3 months now , I got married and I update and submitted all the required documents and processing fees for my husband, my questions is : how long will take to finalize my pr process after add on program for my husband, will they ask for bank statement and if I am working or not, please advice, thank you for your reply.

You should login to your account or call IRCC at 1-888-242-2100 to check on the status and see if they are missing anything from you.

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