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My PR card is about to expire in July 2020. I stayed in canada 122 days. I want to go back to canada before PR card expiry. What kind of questions/process to expect at airport upon arrival in canada?

If you didn’t get back before the pandemic, you are probably going to have problems keeping your status.

Under normal circumstances the best thing to do in this situation is to fly to the States and have someone come down and pick you up and drive you into Canada. (You can enter Canada by private vehicle without a PR Card.) There is still some risk of your status being revoked in this situation.

But, honestly, we don’t know how the pandemic is going to affect Canadian PRs living outside of Canada who were not meeting the residence requirement. There’s probaly very little political will for an amnesty in this situation and so it’s definitely possible that there will be no official extension/waiver of the residence requirement in cases like yours.

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My daughter is 7year old her PR card is expire in june I want to change her name on PR card plZ tell me procedure of changing name in canada I also want to know that we have to change name on Passport before or after changing name on PR card.

You need to get her a legal name change from your province of residence.

If her only ID is her passport she will have to have her name changed on it as well. And so it depends upon the country, but some of them will likely not accept a Canadian name change as proof of a name change. So that’s something to think about.

Once that’s done, you will have to apply to change her name on her Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR). Once that’s changed, she can get a new PR card with the new name on it.

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My nephew has been granted a permanent residence in Canada and applied for almost one month ago. Still there is a time to wait to receive it. Unfortunately, he has to travel back home to see his elder brother who is critically ill and on ventilator ( cancer patient). Is their any way he is eligible to travel out side Canada not having a PR card in possession. secondly as we know that doing an application for the permission to travel back into Canada from outside Canada will take long time as his vacations /leave will be only for three weeks max. Is it possible to have some document in advance ( prior to leaving Canada) that may allow him to travel in and out in special circumstance like this – on humanitarian grounds. Please advise at your earliest possible enabling my nephew to decide about his travel to attend his brother. It is an emergency situation for the family and hope you may have some support/solution for my nephew in these difficult times. Appreciate your response at the earliest. thanks. We are seeking this help to avoid lateral delays and difficulties. 

There is not such special permission to travel while waiting for a new PR card. What your nephew needs to do is contact IRCC to request urgent processing due to a family emergency. He will have to prove it’s an emergency.

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Me, my wife and my 2 kids are permanent residents in Canada landing in October 2012. But due to different unfortunate reasons we couldn’t stay in Canada. Also, I have a third baby in 2014 and I got a valid Canadian Visa for her My PR card will expire next October 2017 and I’m planning to return back permentaely to Canada next July 2017 with my family. My questions: 1- Can the immigration officer in the airport issue a departure form against me as I didn’t stay in Canada for 730 days? and If a departure form was done for me and I did an appeal … how long it will take and what is the percentage of acceptance ? 2- Can I sponsor my baby while I have a departure form? Or I should wait for the appeal acceptance? 3- If my son returned back alone and I canceled my return ( if there will be a problem for my return to Canada) ….He is 18 years and he will start his college. Can the situation be more acceptable and easier for him to enter Canada with no difficulties as it was not his decision to stay in Canada in the last 5 years.

Let’s try to answer your questions:

  1. There is some small chance that your PR Card could be confiscated when you try to enter or even that your status could be revoked, but this is not likely to the best of our knowledge. More than likely they will let you in but when you apply for new PR Cards you will be issued 1-year cards rather than 5-year. They may also not ask you many questions and you might be fine. It depends upon the officer you get. Whatever happens you will not be admitted and then immediately asked to leave.
  2. You will not be admitted and then given a departure order.
  3. You should both try entering first before worrying about this. But, if they are threatening to not let you in and revoke your status, you can explain that it wasn’t your son’s choice and he should still be allowed to enter with valid status. If that doesn’t work, he can make a “Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds” appeal to keep them from revoking his status.
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I’m planning to go back home this coming May. And my Pr card will expires on Sept 2020. But I already processed the renewal of my Pr card last month. But u haven’t receive any update for my application. I am allowed to travel outside the Canada?

Under normal circumstances you can travel outside of Canada and return for as long as your PR Card is valid, meaning you can return on the day your PR Card expires in September 2020 at the latest.

During the pandemic this is going to be harder.

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I need to travel outside canada and i have not yet recieved my pr card( though it is being processed), what hsppens if i travel outside canada and then have someone post the card to me? Will i have problems later for example for renewing my card or for citizenship?

If you get the PR Card in the mail there are no issues. If the PR Card gets lost in the mail you will have to report that you never received the PR Card, which can get problematic if you’re not in Canada to receive it.

If you must have the Card sent to you, use tracking.

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