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My pr card is going to expire soon n in 15 days I’m leaving from Canada, I’ve applied for renewal in mid Feb and again the urgent one on 6th of April… But the IRCC told me it won’t be processed urgently coz I didn’t met the criteria.. and I called in Canadian embassy which is located in Pakistan for PR travel document n they said that it’ll be processed 6 to 12 weeks but I’m just going for 3 or 4 weeks.. I don’t understand from where I can get help .. I’m really stressed . My mother in law is sick and she wana see her granddaughter but I’m so helpless now

If you can get a visa to the US, you can return to Canada through the US and enter Canada by car with your COPR/Record of Landing.

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We have booked a trip to punta Cana DR for May 1st my husband and daughters PR cards are expired I mailed it out and marked urgent mailed it March 3rd and when I checked regular processing time then it said 50 days which should be enough time before we leave. But I checked the status and it’s saying it still hasn’t been processed and I’m getting nervous we won’t get it in time. What are our options if it doesn’t come in time?

You have two options if the PR Cards don’t show up in time

  1. You can apply for Permanent Resident Travel Documents (PRTDs) while in the DR. These applications usually take 2-3 weeks so if you are not going for that long that is a problem.
  2. The other option is to change your return flight to the American city nearest your home in Canada. Everyone who doesn’t have their valid PR Cards needs to bring their COPRs/Records of Landing with them. You can then drive to Canada and cross the border with these documents instead of PR Cards.
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Received my COPR with one of my family name having an extra letter in it, at the border they said it was only because the native letter “ö” is spelled as “oe” at CIC. I called CIC about it and they said to correct it I need to file for an amendment of the document (so I did: processing time for it is ~6 months) Two moths later I received the PR card: the same mistake in my name (one extra letter in one of my family names), everything else is correct. I need to travel outside of Canada in 2 month, will I have trouble when I’ll be returning to Canada since my passport family name is spelled correctly and my PR card has one extra letter in my family name?

You shouldn’t have trouble entering Canada if this is IRCC (formerly CIC) policy.

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My ex needs to replace his PR Card but he does not have a current valid passport and cannot get one because he doesn’ t have this PR Card…..what documentation does he need in order to get this rectified?

Renewing his passport must be done according to the rules of the country his passport is issued by. Without knowing what country, there’s no way we can answer that part of the question.

He can renew his PR Card without a valid passport if he can provide enough other documentation (including his recently expired passport or, better yet, the expired passport he landed on). Here is a checklist.

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I filed my PR card renewal in January 2017 and sent everything with registered mail. I know through the package mail tracking system that they received it on January 28th. I still haven’t received any notification that they started my application process. When I go online and put my PR card number in it doesn’t show me anything. Is there any other way to check my status? I have a trip planned for my kids’birthday in mid June. Can I apply for the Travel Document within Canada before I go on the trip? We are flying to the Dominican Republic.

Call IRCC at 1-888-242-2100 to check your application status.

If your PR Card will not be ready by the time you leave, you can try to get a PRTD before you leave, but you will need to know your hotel address. The processing time is usually 2-3 weeks.

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