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I came to Canada last June 2015 and my PR card will expire on October 2017. I’m planning to go for a 2 week vacation out of Canada on April 2017. Will I have a problem entering Canada because I did not fulfill the 730 days in 5 years rule yet?

You shouldn’t have any trouble with a valid PR Card, as you should be able to re-enter the country with it. However, depending upon how long you were out of the country there is a very slim chance that, if the officer believes you cannot make the 5 year residence requirement by the date it expires, something could happen to your status. This is a very small chance.

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My husband just received PR status. He currently resides in England. He needs to land in Canada before his medical expires which was done last May (needs to land by May 2017). However, he wishes to finish up his contract at his job in England which finishes in July/August. Can he land with his PR papers and move most of his things here then return to England to finish his job before finishing his permanent move here?

Yes, he can land and then return to England but he’ll need his PR Card to get back to Canada.

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I came to Canada 5 year ago I got accepted as a refugee long story short I got tricked so many times trying to do my PR CARD one guy toke $3000 from me to do my PR and I never got it up to now then last year same thing happened agin with $2400 like am totally hurt and would like some help getting my PR card anyone know any good lawyers and please do not reference any African lawyer they all frauds I know all are not the same but am not interested with and African lawyer am black my self nothing agin my kind but some of them not loyal I just need a good lawyer

If you are trying to become a permanent resident, you could approach a settlement service to help you with your application for free.

If you are trying to renew your PR Card, Immigroup can help you.

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I have only resident permanent paper how ca I got pr card

If you recently landed, you should be receiving a PR Card within 2 months of landing. If you haven’t yet, you will need to report to IRCC that you haven’t received it.

If you have lived in Canada for a while, you can just apply for a new PR Card. The renewal application is the one you want to use.

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I am permanent residence since August 2016 in Canada.I hold Indian passport but now I want to add my husband last name.i am going to India next month and will do the whole name change procedure there in India.I am worried as I will have passport with a new name and Pr card will still hold old name.Would I be able to enter Canada or it’s not possible.

You just need to bring a copy of your legal name change document with you when you return to Canada, so they can confirm that the person in the passport and the person in the PR card are one and the same.

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