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I have a Nexus Card, but I have been living outside of Canada since mid-August 2016. I plan to return to Canada by the end of June 2017. Can I use my Nexus card when I arrive, or must I go through Customs and Immigration?

You can only use your NEXUS Card (in lieu of a passport) to return to Canada if you are returning from the US. Even then, many airlines will still request a passport anyway.

You cannot use it if you are travelling from any other country because those countries don’t recognize NEXUS Cards as valid ID for travel.

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The Issuing Authority on my new passport changed. This can’t be updated from the GOES account online. I went to the Nexus enrolment centre to have it updated. It’s been about 4 weeks but my profile on my GOES account still shows the old passport’s issuing Authority. My GOES profile show my changed job status updated during the same visit. Is the Issuing Authority important?

It’s probably not important. It depends which country we’re talking about, whether or not US authorities will be suspicious of the passport.

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