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My fiance lives and is from Ottawa, Ontario. I live and am from upstate New York (Watertown). We are 120 miles apart. Since July of 2016 he has either driven to me or I have driven to him almost every weekend. We would like to get married this Summer 2017. We’ve both done research but have not found any information that fits our situation. He is going to continue living in Ottawa and I am going to continue living in my hometown after marrying each other. He has a long term, financially stable job. I have a decent job here, as well. I also have an almost 12yr old child that I have to stay in the US to care for for at least the next 7 years. Maybe after that we will decide if I can move to Canada or if he can move to the US. What does each of our governments need for us to marry but stay living in our respected countries?

As long as neither of you are immigrating, you don’t need to do anything after you marry.

Unless you want to claim certain tax exemptions due to your marriage, and then we suggest speaking to an accountant because this could get very complicated with one of you living in one country and one listening in the other.

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I am a Canadian Citizen who would like to marry a man living in Germany on refugee status from GHANA. would I have to go to Germany to marry him? or should I send him an invitation letter for him to come to Canada and we marry here. what is the best scenario?

You can send him an invitation letter and he can try to apply for a visa. It’s pretty unlikely he’ll get approved, but if he can prove he will return to Germany after the trip, he may be approved.

If he doesn’t get a visa, you’ll have to go there to marry him.

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I’m Canadian citizen, I met my bf on online . We are dating for more than 2 years now , haven’t meet in person yet. He’s Pakistani national but study in china to finish up his degree. We decided to marrry after his Degree but first I would like him to visit me here in Canada. So, my question is , is it better for him to come here visit me n agreed marry me or is it better for me to go there & marry him? We would like to settle down in here. Secondly, what are the requirements for him to be able to get Canada visitor visa? How can he prof of financial income and etcs ? 

Let’s try to answer your questions:

  1. It’s better if he can come here and you marry him, only because then the marriage certificate will be in English. If you marry in China, you’ll have to get the marriage certificate translated. (Also, China might have a law against two foreigners marrying or, at the very least, a residence requirement. You should look into that if you intend to marry in China.)
  2. He will need to prove that he intends to leave Canada after his trip, so he will have to show he intends to return to China or Pakistan. Then he will have to prove he can afford the trip.
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