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I live in Canada and I have been talking to a man from Morocco who I met on a marriage website. We talks on applications and the phone. We are both serious about each other and I told my parents about him and he told his family. I have never met him in real. I was wondering since I am unemployed at the moment if my parents who have been working one job 20 + years could sent him an invitation (Like visitors or tourist) so we could meet and spend time together. And eventually marry.

Yes, you and your parents can write him an invitation letter pledging to support him while he is here. However, you should invite him for the purpose of meeting him, not marrying him.

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I have dual citizenship (Canadian/Peruvian). I married in Peru and I did sponsor my husband to canada. We live together in Canada for 8 years. But now we are divorced. I divorced on canada and I want to remarry. I’m marrying to a Moroccan man. One of the requirements Moroccan authorities ask is my birth certificate. Like I mentioned early I have dual citizenship. My birth certificate is from Peru n I married in Peru which my birth certificate shows an annotation on the left side that “I am married in Peru on this date ???? but now that I’m divorced in Canada. But I haven’t sent my certificate of divorce to Peru to update my status or recognize Canadian divorced certificate. My question is … ” can I still remarry to my Moroccan fiancĂ© in Morocco?” even though my birth certificate shows the annotation of my previous marriage n hasn’t shown the divorce annotation? But I do gave my final order n divorced certificate?

If you need to provide your birth certificate to marry in Morocco, you will need to make the change to your birth certificate in Peru before you marry.

But if you need to provide just your passport, then you might be okay to marry. Perhaps this is a question for a Moroccan Embassy official.

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My granddaughter is 21. She has a boyfriend from Portugal who is her first love. He has her convinced he loves her only for her. Our entire family are convinced he’s mostly interested in Canadian citizenship. He only has a short time left on a visa before having to leave. They are going to rush a wedding. How can we make her see what we see. Her love is blind and will never see us again if she has to choose? Can you send literature that we can print and show her how serious a problem she could be in??

No, we cannot help convince your granddaughter not to marry someone.

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Im a retired 65-yr old Canadian and have been divorced from my wife for 5 years. Im already retired, but im presently employed with another job. I currently have a ladyboy girlfriend for 2 years and have been to the philippines twice already to be with her. She has a job now for already 4 years in a big company. However, she has no travel history yet. I want her to come with me in Canada. But how?

You need to go there and marry her or she needs to get a Canadian visa to come here to marry you. Once that’s done, you can sponsor her.

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