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I am a Canadian citizen and my boyfriend is Italian working in the U.S. under a work permit (L1 visa). He can enter Canada on a visitor visa (i.e. enter normally as he does on weekends) and we can get married here without a problem and this will be recognized in the U.S. correct? and what we do afterwards, whether I sponsor him to work in Canada or he sponsors me to work in the U.S. is not anything “fraudulent” in any way?

Yes, US States recognize marriages in Canada. How the federal government and each state recognize your marriage may be different though. It’s important to look into whether or not you need to register the marriage. Marriages are handled at the state level (like they are at the provincial level in Canada) and there may be some quirks.

The same doesn’t apply for Canada, FYI: An American marriage is legal and recognized in Canada, period.

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I am a Canadian citizen but my wife is Japanese. Our kids have Canadian citizenships but wife doesn’t. Can my wife and kids stay in Canada for a year without me? I have to work in Japan. Will my kids be able to go to school there?

The answer to your question about your wife is: probably not, but maybe.

Your wife can get a visitor visa to Canada and enter with your kids for six months. At the end of 6 months, she will have to exit and re-enter Canada. At that point, the CBSA may let her re-enter for six months, or they may let her enter for less. This could be a problem for your children if they are young.

What you could do is all travel to Canada together, enter Canada, submit a sponsorship application and then you could return to Japan. If you did this, your wife would be able to stay in Canada until a decision is reached, which is usually around 12 months later.

As for your kids, yes they can go to school in Canada. You just need to get them citizenship certificates and then they can go to school once they are physically in Canada and registered as students.

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