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I’m a Canadian citizen. My girlfriend is based in the Philippines. We can either have a civil wedding in the Philippines or here in Canada. My question is: are there advantages if we do our civil wedding in Canada insofar as applying for permanent residence of my future wife? Will the the processing of permanent be faster?

A Canadian marriage certificate doesn’t have to be verified in the same way a Filipino marriage certificate must be, but that will not necessarily speed up your sponsorship application.

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I live in Canada and I have been talking to a man from Morocco who I met on a marriage website. We talks on applications and the phone. We are both serious about each other and I told my parents about him and he told his family. I have never met him in real. I was wondering since I am unemployed at the moment if my parents who have been working one job 20 + years could sent him an invitation (Like visitors or tourist) so we could meet and spend time together. And eventually marry.

Yes, you and your parents can write him an invitation letter pledging to support him while he is here. However, you should invite him for the purpose of meeting him, not marrying him.

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