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I am a permanent resident in Canada and have a partner in Philippines (same sex) for 8 years. How can we be together since Philippines dont accept same sex marriage? If we get married in a third country that accepts same sex marriage and doesnt required visa, will Canada acknowledge it?

Canada regards legal marriages in other countries as legal marriages with very few exceptions. If you marry in a third country where same sex marriage is legal, there is no reason to suspect Canada will not acknowledge it.

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I’m a Canadian citizen and my fiancé is Czech. We want to marry in Canada (NB). But she does not plan on moving here until her son is 18 (12 years from now). Can we still legally marry in Canada even if she doesn’t plan on migrating here right away? What documents would she need to bring with her to legally marry in Canada?

Yes, you can legally marry in Canada. There is no requirement that your spouse live here afterwards.

She will need her passport. She may need proof of single status. Contact the municipal office in New Brunswick where you are going to apply for the marriage license to confirm if she needs proof of single status.


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Sikh Canadian BA Psychology dual citizen ( indian and canadian) born on sep 13, 1993 marries to muslim software engineer currently in pakistan( born on jan 12, 1992 and born in saudi arabia and currently living in pakistan.) The marriage was registered in pakistan due to boy’s mom is sick with hepatitus C and boy’s father is paralysed. This is done on the behalf of boy’s side. Now dual (Indian and canadian) citizen mom wants to sponsor the boy to get married here in Canada because girl is already a citizen of canada. As the girl’s family did not attend the marriage. So both will re marry in Canada with the girl’s family this time. It all happened due to India and Pakistan polictical problems. The girls family is canadian citizen but they did not go on marriage because of the old restrictions of polictical parties. The marriage at pakistan was on sep 23, 2016 and reception was done on Oct 8. The couple met on facebook and they talked for 4 years on facebook and decided to get marry. So i want to arrange marriage here in canada first before she sponsors him. Can it be done?

Canada recognizes legal marriages in other countries so there is no need to marry here too as long as initial marriage is legal.

However, you wish to do so before the sponsorship for some reason, you’ll have to be invited and come here on a visitor visa.

The easier thing would be to get sponsored first and then have the Canadian marriage celebration after you get here.

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