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I am from Vietnam and got married to my husband in Canada last year. I am now pregnant but he wants to divorce me. What are my rights and my babies rights in Canada? Do we have to go back to Vietnam?

If your status is temporary (visitor, work permit, study permit), your status has a fixed date and you must leave before it expires.

If your status is permanent (i.e. you have PR), divorce will have no affect on your status.

If your child is born in Canada, the child will be a Canadian citizen.

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 My friend is a Canadian citizen and his girlfriend’s visa tourist will expire in 12 days or if it it becomes expired. They know that they can marry before expiration date with following the procedures, but can he marry her still after her visa expires and what steps do he need to do and what problems could occur.

They can marry while her visitor status is valid, but not after. But, more importantly, if he’s going to sponsor her, the sponsorship application needs to be submitted before her visitor status expires, because he cannot sponsor her after the status expires.

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I am a Canadian Citizen, I want get married in her country of origin which is Honduras. What documents and how long will it for her to be accepted in Canada and does it guarantee her residence in Canada.

You will need your passport and you might need a Statement in Lieu of a Certificate of Non-Impediment to Marriage Abroad, and, if you need that, you’ll need it translated.

Marriage does not guarantee residence. You’ll have to sponsor her for permanent residence once you’re married.

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I am a male Australian citizen currently on a working holiday visa in canada. Before coming to Canada I met a Canadian girl who was traveling Australia. Now that I’m I’m Canada and loving with her I want to marry her inside Canada. But we eventually would like to move back to Australia some time after we get married. How do we go about doing this and can I be married to a Canadian while being an Australian citizen?

You can legally marry in Canada right now. Once you are married you can look into a spousal visa or spousal sponsorship for Australia. (This is a Canadian site so we cannot give advice about Australia. See this link for sponsoring your spouse.)

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I am Irish citizen leaving. In edmonton for 2 years on my working holiday visa and I have been working. Since I got here and my work permit visa will finish soon and I want to married my Canadian girlfriend (same sex)which document do i need or my passport is enough ?is there enough time for me to get married. Before march 30/2017 .or i have to go back and get married when I came back in alberta_ edmonton?

Your passport should be enough but contact the Edmonton authorities responsible for issuing marriage licenses to make sure you don’t need proof of single status from Ireland.

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