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i’m have a saudi citizenship i want to marry to my Canadian bf and move to Canada forever does the process of getting married to Canadian request a permission from my gov or my embassy?

If you are getting married in Canada, you do not need permission from any government to get married.

There are numerous conditions for marrying in Saudi Arabia including:

  • You must apply for permission from the government
  • You must be between the ages of 30 and 50
  • Your boyfriend will have to prove he’s single and healthy
  • You’ll have to sign some documents attesting that you know your boyfriend is not becoming a Saudi citizen when he marries you.

That’s not the whole list. There’s more.

We strongly suggest marrying in Canada or some other country instead of Saudi Arabia if you can.

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I am a American married to a Indonesian citizen. He was on student visa when I married him in Canada. Now I need a divorce from him. How do I do this. He is remarried to another women in Indonesia and has two kids with her. I have one kid with him 6 years ago. I ask him for a divorce and he said no. So he wants to stay married with two wives. How do I divorce him? He is Chinese Indonesian. It has been 13 years since we married.

Canada has no fault divorce. You can divorce him, especially since he no longer lives here.

Bigamy is illegal in Canada. If you could prove he’s remarried, you can also divorce him that way.

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I’m a Canadian citizen, wanting to marry my love from the UK. Could we use an Ontario marriage license application and become married in Ontario? Are there other steps required before the actual marriage can become official? From my understanding, the sponsorship documents can be completed after the marriage is officiated… 

Yes, you can marry in Ontario. The process is to apply for the marriage license and then get married.

Once you are married you can apply for sponsorship.

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I am a 22 year old Scottish female currently on the working visa in Canada. My fiancé is a Canadian citizen and I met her (female 28 year old) back in Scotland when she was on her 2 year working visa. We have been together over a year and a half. I still have my 2 year visa as I just received it in January but we are looking to get settled eventually. What is the rules on gay marriage? Will I be able to marry her and her sponsor me eventually or is it different for fat couples to get married and live in Canada. Any help would be useful with this issue

You can get married in Canada whenever you want. You will both need to prove your identities and you will need to complete the marriage license application and pay the fee.

Once married, she can sponsor you.

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