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Can anyone apply for a fast card

You must be a citizen of either the US or Canada and reside in one of those two countries, or you must be a permanent resident of one of the two countries with a visa to the other (if applicable).

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I have a provincial record, but i am also 50% native with a blood quantum letter. I currently have charges I am dealing with but they are allegations and the court keep delaying it and not allowing me to deal with it. They are federal charges.. am i still able to get a FAST card for work purposes

Are we talking about charges or convictions? Your current charges may not affect your FAST Card eligibility (depending upon whether or not CBSA and CBP are aware of the charges) but previous convictions make you ineligible. It is on yo to prove that you have overcome your past criminality and certainly pending charges do not help. So normally we would say “No, you are not eligible for a FAST Card.”

The one wrinkle here is your blood quantum letter. Our understanding is that this letter essentially entitles you to legal status in both countries. It doesn’t resolve your criminal issue, but it may┬ámake you “admissible” for immigration purposes to the US despite your criminal record. The question then becomes, which is more important, that you’re admissible to the US under a very old treaty, or that you have a criminal record and would normally not be eligible for a FAST Card?

The only way you can know for sure is to apply for a FAST Card, as it’s up to the officers reviewing your case as to whether or not you get the card. I’d wait until you resolve these pending charges, though.

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How to apply for canada u.s fast card

Provided you are eligible, you can apply for a FAST Card at the following website: TTP. This is the official government site. If you would like assistance, you can complete this form and email, fax or mail it in.

You must be either a citizen or permanent resident of either Canada or the US, you must have a commercial driver’s license and, if you’re a permanent resident of one country, you must have a valid visa to the other if this is required for nationals of your country.

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I have nexus car but what is a fast card

FAST stands for Free And Secure Trade but you can think of it like NEXUS for commercial truck drivers. FAST Card applicants are those drivers who plan to be crossing the border with commercial loads frequently. A FAST Card does not entitle you to NEXUS membership privileges.

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