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I got a visa to Canada under skilled worker program Quebec , iam planning to land at Montreal airport with my family , I am planning to stay 20 days and depart from Montreal to my home and to come later to Canada , I know that the Pr will take at least 45 days to be issue , my friend will send the pr it to me when it reach his mail address , is there is any other way to delay making the pr and got from the officer at the airport another visa or document I can enter Canada with it later , I am afraid that the pr will not be issue due too any more documents or other things required and I will be out of Canada

You must enter Canada before your PR visa expires. Upon landing your PR Card will be sent to the address in Canada you provide (such as your friend’s address). This is how it works. There’s no way of changing this process.

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I recently renewed my passport. Now my old passport has the PR visa stamp. Will I face any issue at the port of entry in PR Card issuance considering the following points: 1. Both my passports (old and renewed) are in good condition. 2. Confirmation of Canada PR document has the old passport number. 3. The One time entry, Canada PR Visa on the old passport has not expired at the time of entering the port

You should be able to travel to and land in Canada as a permanent resident as long as you have both passports.


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am currently staying with my family (3 members) for past 3 years in Canada in work permit (will expired on March 2018) and applied PR individual and got the invite. The reason for applying individually was my wife was pregnant and planned to deliver the child in INDIA . So after delivery am planning to apply PR. Please let me know the process to apply the PR for my dependents including my future baby.

You have two choices:

  • respond to the Invitation to Apply with an application for PR including dependants OR
  • Do not respond to the Invitation to Apply and re-enter the pool as someone with dependants and hope you get another invitation to apply.

If you are not sure what to do, we suggest a consultation with a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant.

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Me and my husband we have just got a letter saying that our immigration visa is ready to be issued, so the government is asking us to send our passports in one envelope to the immigration department in our home country or to Ottawa if we both are in Canada. But my husband is in Canada till April and I am in my home country. So I sent my passport to Canada with a confidential letter, authorizing my husband to send it to Ottawa for the visa and bring it back to me. Will the government issue a visa to me even if I am not in Canada at the moment? I am afraid if there will be any consequences may be? First I sent , now I am worrying if I did it right?

Well, the passports will be returned to your husband with visas in it, most likely, and then he will have to get the passport with its visa to you. If he doesn’t succeed it will be hard for you to show how the visa was lost in the mail… But hopefully this all works out. Once the passports are submitted, your husband should check in with IRCC at 1-8882-242-2100 on the status of the visas periodically to make sure everything is okay.

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I received this letter today, dated yesterday. “We are pleased to advise you that processing of your application has been completed. The Canada Immigration Center in XXXXX Immigration will contact you to arrange an appointment for the finalization of your permanent resident application.” As luck would have it, 2 days ago I received my new passport. I called the -2100 number, hoping to update my passport number over the phone, but was not able to talk to a live person. Any recommendations? IS this something I can do via email? A web form? Or should I continue to call?

Unfortunately you cannot provide this information by phone, email or webform. You will have to provide both passports at the appointment.

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I currently reside in the US and am in the process of applying for the express entry program from here. Based on the processing timelines, I suspect my visa will no longer be valid by the time I receive a passport request. If this is the case, can I complete the entire process in the US or will I be required to go back to my home country and then complete the process there (i.e. interview if required, passport request) prior to immigrating to Canada? 

You need to have legal status in your country of residence; in this case, the US. You can try to extend your US visa or you can try to get a visa to Canada, or you will have to return to your home country if your US visa expires before you are granted Canadian permanent residence.

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