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i have question regards my friends who isnot much speak english , he came to canada as landed immigrant . first year medical test he was ok clean . while he was waiting pr and cic send letter stating in order to get yo pr/ u medical expiry, 12 monh so you have 90 days to go again medical test he want to phyician, dr told him told him u got brain cancer how is that affect his pr after waitng so long is gana get rejected 

If he is apply for PR he is not yet a landed immigration (i.e. permanent resident).

Yes, a diagnosis of a condition like this can endanger his PR application. It would be at the discretion of the officer reviewing his application whether or not to deny it for this reason. It also depends upon what type of PR application (economic, sponsorship, etc).

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For example, I got my PR then I go to niagara for visa change. It will take how many days before I recieve my PR card? And can my wife enter canada even without the PR card yet? Or when can she enter canada?

The current processing time for a first PR Card is 21 calendar days.

Whether or not your wife can enter Canada depends upon whether or not she was included in your application. If she was, she should “land” with you.

If you didn’t include your wife in your PR application, you will have to sponsor her for permanent residence.

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I just received the COPR and the Visa stamped on the all passports of my family and I noticed that the given name in the satmped visa of my child is missing the last 2 letters may be due the long of his name while the name is complete in his COPR as per the his passport. My question is this will affect our entry to Canada as I will arrange my landing in July 2017?

If the last two letters are omitted due to length, that’s entirely normal. There are only so many characters available for names on COPRs and also on PR Cards.

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I am about to apply for EE under skilled worker category. I am wondering if it would take longer for my approval if i add my wife and daughter in my application. I am working in Canada right now and my family is back home. Would i be granted PR status before them or at the same time?

You should include them, because bringing them here later involves sponsoring them, and that is a pain.

Your wife should help your CRS score. Officially the processing time should not change because you added them.

You will all be granted PR at once if you’re granted it.

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I stayed in Canada from April 2016 to Dec 2016 on visitor visa.Had applied for PR under family sponsorship in May 2016,RPRF was sent in Sept,now Status of my application is Medical result recieved (updated in Dec). After that I got request for RCMP criminal record check in Feb end . I am planing to go back to Canada in April, my question is after I go there if Delhi Immigration office asks for my passport for stamping , can I submit my passport for stamping in Canada visa office itself or Can I send it through courier(Is it allowed) or with any person (will they not suspect that I am in canada and how did I send it without coming to India) .What are the possibilities I have.I am very confused because Delhi Immigration office never respond to any means of communication – email/mail/fax.

If you do not have a valid visitor visa it is unlikely you will be granted one now. If you have one, there is an issue entering Canada.

If you can indeed enter Canada, you can change your address on your application to see if they will let you submit your passport to a different office.

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I have applied for PR card after i have got ITA from CIC and my application is in Review. Once i get PR approval, i need to go to province as i have applied for provincial nomination. I have a question – Do i need to stay in province(Canada) till i recieve PR or i can go to Canada , apply for PR , give mailing address of my friend and once i recieve PR i come back and settle down there, please suggest

If you have been nominated by a province for permanent residence, part of that nomination is pledging to live in that province. That does not prevent you from travelling home for a visit but if border or immigration officials suspect that you do not actually have the intention to live in the province, they could you deny you PR status at the Port of Entry.

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