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Me and my wife are applying for Canadian PR under skilled worker category. We have received the ITA and time allotted to us is 90 day to upload our application .My wife is prime applicant . My question is that , she (wife) has not changes her marital status on her passport yet . I have added her name in my passport and we have a marriage certificate , So is it mandatory for her to get my name on her passport to apply for PR .. We donot have enough time to do do :(

Canada doesn’t include spouses names on passports so this is likley not a problem. You just need to provide your marriage certificate (with a notarized translation if applicable).

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I want to go Canada without ielst its possible??

Yeah, if you come here as a “temporary resident” you don’t necessarily need IELTS:

  • You do not need IELTS to come to Canada as a tourist.
  • If you get a job offer from a Canadian employer and they don’t require IELTS, you can apply for a work permit (and an LMIA) and come here.
  • Some schools don’t require IELTS and you can get accepted and come here on a study permit.

In the latter two cases you can work in Canada for a year in a skilled occupation (after you graduate, if applicable) and then apply for PR that way. (At this point you will have to demonstrate your language ability, though, if you came here as a worker.)

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My Canadian Permanent Residency Card expired about 7 years ago and I have not been to Canada in the last 10 years. I have received an ITA for Express entry and accepted the ITA. I assumed that I was no longer a Permanent Resident given that I have not fulfilled the residency requirements. Will there be a problem if submit my application for PR?

Actually there could be an issue. It depends whether or not you are still a permanent resident. If you never relinquished your status or had your status revoked, you are still a PR. This may be discovered during the application process. Not sure exactly what will happent then. You should contact a lawyer or Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) to find out what to do.

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I’m Raghesh from India. We ( Myself, my spouse n kids) received Canadian PR this month. The expiry date of the same is 20 September 2017. My PR was through Saskatchewan PNP. My plan is to land in Toronto with my family by first week of September 2017. From there I’ll travel to Saskatchewan alone, while my Spouse n kids will fly back to India. They will join me back once I manage to get a good job. So my query is that at, Port of entry immigration point, do I need to show the tickets of Toronto to Saskatchewan journey for the whole family. Or can I show my Saskatchewan ticket n the return tickets of my family (to India) and tell the truth?

You should tell the truth.

When you do, you and your family can expect questions about how long they plan on returning to India for.

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I am haitian and I applied for the express entry in order to get my permanent resident . I am already working in Canada but as A diplomat .if we get married , will that ause any problem with my request? the other question is if we get married , will he be able to sponsor me in order to have the permanent residency ? And at this time i will have to renounce to my diplomat status..

Marriage will not affect your Express Entry application.

Once you are married, you can be sponsored. But you cannot remain a diplomat for a foreign country and be a permanent resident at the same time.

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