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As of September 29, 2016, most travellers to Canada will need an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) before travelling to Canada.

I applied for an eTA for my mother. I used the procedure of ‘applying for someone else’. When I got the email conformation of the eTA approval, the only information given was: my name with my mothers passport information. There is no PDF file attached to check all the information. So I am wondering if I made an error or is the eTA in my mothers name but in the email mine? If I apply again for my mother with the same passport number, it may be rejected. I tried contacting eTA via forms, but I got no clear answer. It’s frustrating because she cannot travel with ease and we have bought the tickets!!! I just need to confirm that the eTA is linked to her name!!! how can I do this?

Unfortunately the only thing you can do is continue to submit inquiries until you get a clear answer. When you show up at the airport you will get a definitive answer, they will either accept it or not.

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My parents got PR status in year 2000 and their PR Cards expired over 10 years ago. Now they want to visit me for a short period of time in Canada (I am a citizen) and they hold valid passports from visa exempt country. Surprisingly they already got their ETA approved but should they be renouncing their PR or use their expired PR card to enter?

If they already received their ETAs then they should proceed as if there is no issue.

It’s possible they will get to Canada and they will be asked about their status. But this was an error made by the government so it’s hard to see how they were responsible for it. It’s unlikely they will be denied entry because they were wrongly issued ETAs (though it’s definitely a possiblity).

It is likely that this mistake will not be made again in the future, so next should definitely renounce their PR statuses before they apply for their next ETAs.

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‘m a French citizen and doesn’t have any other nationality, but my ETA application has been cancelled twice because IRCC says I’m a Canadian citizen, which is not the case at all ! I sent them an inquiry but no answer, what Can I do

We would suggest speaking to a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) or immigration lawyer about how you can appeal the decision.

One other approach might be to file an Access to Information request with IRCC to see who they are confusing you with. You’d then have to figure out a way to convince them you’re not that person. (Likely this person has the same name as you.)

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