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I am going to marry my girlfriend who is an American here in Ontario. I am a Canadian citizen. What do we need to get our wedding license and for her to stay while she applies for citizenship?

To marry, you need to provide IDs (she should use her passport), complete the marriage license application and pay the fee.

Your girlfriend cannot apply for citizenship unless she is a permanent resident of Canada already, and meets the other requirements. If she is not a permanent resident, you must sponsor her for permanent residence. You can read more about that process on this page or, in a more organized presentation, here.

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I am born in Canada but currently living in Lebanon. I have the Canadian passport and identity but lived all my life in Lebanon. I am planing to go back to Canada to work and live there. My soon to be fiance is Lebanese with a Lebanese passport. How can i take him with me to Canada or how long do i have to live in Canada until i can have him with me

You must sponsor your fiance for permanent residence. If you have not lived together for at least one year, you need to marry before you sponsor him. Then you have three options:

  • You move back to Canada and submit the sponsorship application while he remains in Lebanon (outland)
  • He applies for a visitor visa and, once he has it, you both travel to Canada and then you sponsor him (inland)
  • You submit the sponsorship application while you are both still in Lebanon (bad idea).


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I am going to morocco to get married. I’m wondering how long does it take for her to come to canada to live here. I heard from one source that it takes 2 years, and a lawyer told me it used to be 3 but January 2017 it has been changed from 6 to 8 months.

The official processing time is 12 months, but that depends upon numerous factors including where your wife is currently. Processing times vary by visa office but IRCC no longer publishes the individual processing times of the visa offices.

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can my husband live in canada while we are waiting on approval on his sponsorship papers?

The question is, where was your husband when you submitted the sponsorship application?

If he is in Canada, and has legal status, he can and should stay here.

If he is outside of Canada but has a valid visitor visa (Temporary Resident Visa) he can travel to Canada and attempt to enter Canada for as long as the CBSA will let him.

If he is outside of Canada and does not have a valid visitor visa, there is very little chance he will be granted a visa prior to the decision on the sponsorship application.

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I am a canadian Citizen and my boyfriend is Thai. we are getting married this month and plan to go to Canada in about a year from now. We both live in Thailand and will stay here together until we move to canada. If i sponsor him for PR by outland … do i have to be in canada or can i stay in Thailand with him until the PR is approved? I will have no registered income in Canada this year.. will that be a problem and if so is it better to have my parents sponsor him as a son in law?

Basically, if you remain in Thailand while doing the outland sponsorship, you have to prove to IRCC that you intend to live in Canada. If you have already moved back to Canada when you submit the application, you do not have to prove an intent to live in Canada. It’s up to you, but we strongly recommend you move back to Canada before submitting the application.


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i just wanna ask how can i get my filipina girlfriend to canada. I have a PR card but not a canadian citizen. Im also pilipino but a lesbian.

You have a few options:

  • If she can get a visa to come visit you in Canada, you can marry in Canada and then submit a sponsorship application.
  • If she cannot get a visa to Canada, you have two options:
    • Marry in another country that has legalized same sex message (such as Taiwan) and marry there and then submit the sponsorship application
    • Sponsor your girlfriend using the conjugal sponsorship application, wherein you have to prove you cannot marry (same sex marriage is illegal in the Philippines) or live together (she was denied a visa)
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I am canadian resident and i am married for 4 years now my husband was in canada but he left he was in jail and he was released and he left the country we stayed apart for 1 year and i went back to see him and got back together and now we are expecting are child and i would love my husband to come back to canada and sponsor him will the baby help to sponsor him to canada

The baby will help but your husband needs to make sure he’s admissible. He may need an Authorization to Return to Canada if he was in jail in Canada. If he was in jail elsewhere, he’ll need to be Criminally Rehabilitated first.

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