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Im a filipina living canada for permanent status..i was married in philippines but i applied for a divorce here so im divorced already…my questions is it possible for us to married in hongkong and bring him here in canada…i wAnt to sponsor him after we get married?what are the requirements to sponsor him?

It is possible to marry in Hong Kong.

In order to sponsor him, you should be physically in Canada already. He can be in Canada or anywhere else, though where he is affects the application in some way. (Search this page for “inland” and “outland”.)

The sponsorship application consists of many forms plus lots of documentation showing that you have a genuine relationship.

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My boyfriend (Mexican citizen) and I (Canadian citizen) want to have a civil marriage in Ontario this year. What is the process we would need to go through? We would get his birth certificate, passport and driver’s licence translated… He also wants to change his last name to be mine. He is going to move here the following year once he finishes university in Mexico. We would like for him to also apply for his Canadian citizenship along this process. We want to just focus on getting married when he comes to visit in the summer and would need assistance on the steps required for that. But any other helpful information would be appreciated!

To marry, you just need to complete a marriage license application, book your appointment (or go in person, depending upon the municipal office) and pay the fee.
If he wants to become a citizen, you will have to sponsor him for permanent residence first, then he will have to live here awhile before applying for citizenship. You can learn more about sponsorship here:
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I’m a Canada citizen. I’m going to marry a Vietnamese on August in Vietnam but I would like to sponsor her and go together with me when I come back Canada on September. Please give for me some advice What should I have and do now before I go there? 

You can prepare your supporting documentation (outside of the marriage information) prior to marrying but there is not much else you can do ahead of time. The information you submit in your sponsorship application should be current when you submit the application.

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My gf is canadian citizen.and i am without status in spain.we can get religious marry in spain there any possibility i can come to canada with her or i get legal here in spain.would you let me know

In order for her to sponsor you, you need to have legal status in your place of residence. So, before or after you marry, you either need to get legal status in Spain or you need to return to a country in which you have legal status, and then she can sponsor you to come to Canada.

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