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I’m a Canadian girl that has been living with my UK girlfriend for 1 year now and have finally just got our spousal sponsorship papers sent off. My gf is extremely home sick and misses her family. We believe the rules have changed that you are able to return home for a short visit but we’re still scared she will get the wrong person and be denied. Do you have any suggestions? Will there still be a good chance she’s denied back?

Because your girlfriend is British, she’s probably fine as long as she has a valid ETA. However, if you accompanied her, it would be better, as they are much more likely to look favourably upon a couple that is vacationing together.

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I am married my husband is a permanent resident and he sponsored me , Permanent residency letter states we need we must cohabit in a conjugal relationship for a continuous period of 2 years however in between i had to travel for 20 days to India while he was in Canada and again will have to stay in India for 6 months due to personal reasons,during which i would be staying in INdia and my husband in Canada.Will this hamper the Permanent resident clause, will i not be a permanent resident once i return , once i return will i have to be legally married and stay with him


This requirement was removed. You are no longer legally obligated to cohabitate for two years in order to keep your status.

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I’m canadian citizen and I was living with my boyfriend for around 5 years . And he was refused in his refugee application . And I was sponsoring him since 2012 but we separated 1 1/2 year ago. CIC didn’t anwer yet for his PR. We lived in different apts and I don’t know what I have to do. I will appreciate your orientation .

We’re not sure what the question is.


If you’ve separated and the sponsorship application is still in progress, you need to withdraw the application or, at the very least, inform them that you separated so they can refuse it.

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