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I am a Canadian cutizen and my bf if from India. He will be coming here and we plan to get married here in Canada. So, i want to know can he extend his visitor viza after we get marry here until I apply for his application to stay in canada to get him PR?

He can only stay here 6 months on the visitor visa. If he wants to stay longer he will have to re-enter.

But once you submit the sponsorship application he can stay until there is a decision on the application. So submit the application as soon as you can after you marry.

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I am am South African citizen, by boyfriend is a Canadian Citizen. Its has been two years now, and we want to live together. What do I need to do to join him in Canada. We want to get engaged, and stay in Canada. What is the best option for me to go and live with my boyfriend ?

First, you need to get married.

If you can get a visa to Canada you can get married and Canada and your boyfriend can sponsor you inland.

If you cannot get a visa, you can get married in South African and your boyfriend can sponsor you outland.

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I came to Canada in August 2012 with a study permit (valid for 2 years) to do a Diploma program. However, I encountered a snag in one of the final courses of the program and despite having enrolled in the course at least 3 times in the past couple of years, I have been unable to complete this course so far and hence, the program. While trying to complete the program, I have been applying for my study permit renewal every year with an endorsement letter from my school. But I cannot apply for a study permit extension/ status restoration any further through my school now. My final granted study permit extension expired at end of March, 2017. Over a month before this, I applied for Permanent Residence under inland Spousal Sponsorship along with an Open Work Permit. I understand the OWP processing takes 3 – 4 months. After this period, if my OWP application has been rejected, do I have to leave the country until I learn of my PR application results? Are there any ways to mitigate this issue like applying for a visitor’s visa? As I understand it, if the applicant for an inland SCLPC leaves the country during PR processing, it reduces their chances of being approved for PR.

No, if your OWP application is rejected you do not have to leave the country. You can stay in Canada until you receive a decision on your inland sponsorship application.

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I am a permanent resident and i want to marry my mexican boyfriend. He applied for status as refugee but got declined noe but he is illegally staying in canada for 5yrs now. All his identification is expired and im afraid he will get deported. What is the best option that we can do?

In order for you to sponsor him, he needs to have legal status wherever he is. He needs to return home (or he could legally enter the US) and then he can try re-entering Canada legally. Alternatively he can stay home while you sponsor him.

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I lost my P.R card last year and I submitted the application to replace my P.R card In Feb 2017, they’ve already received it but it is still not in process. However, I married my boyfriend in March 2017 who has the student visa but he’s been working for 2 years in a dealership. The problem is his working permit and legal status in Canada will expire in July 2017 and I am planning to sponsor him but i haven’t received my p.r card yet. Can I use my confirmation of permanent residence for the meantime and the receipt for the fee I paid to prove that I already submitted my replacement application?

Yes, you can sponsor him without your PR Card.

One thing you could do is inform those at IRCC processing your PR Card application of your sponsorship application, which might constitute a reason for expedited processing time.

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Im a filipina living canada for permanent status..i was married in philippines but i applied for a divorce here so im divorced already…my questions is it possible for us to married in hongkong and bring him here in canada…i wAnt to sponsor him after we get married?what are the requirements to sponsor him?

It is possible to marry in Hong Kong.

In order to sponsor him, you should be physically in Canada already. He can be in Canada or anywhere else, though where he is affects the application in some way. (Search this page for “inland” and “outland”.)

The sponsorship application consists of many forms plus lots of documentation showing that you have a genuine relationship.

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