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I am married my husband is a permanent resident and he sponsored me , Permanent residency letter states we need we must cohabit in a conjugal relationship for a continuous period of 2 years however in between i had to travel for 20 days to India while he was in Canada and again will have to stay in India for 6 months due to personal reasons,during which i would be staying in INdia and my husband in Canada.Will this hamper the Permanent resident clause, will i not be a permanent resident once i return , once i return will i have to be legally married and stay with him


This requirement was removed. You are no longer legally obligated to cohabitate for two years in order to keep your status.

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I’m canadian citizen and I was living with my boyfriend for around 5 years . And he was refused in his refugee application . And I was sponsoring him since 2012 but we separated 1 1/2 year ago. CIC didn’t anwer yet for his PR. We lived in different apts and I don’t know what I have to do. I will appreciate your orientation .

We’re not sure what the question is.


If you’ve separated and the sponsorship application is still in progress, you need to withdraw the application or, at the very least, inform them that you separated so they can refuse it.

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I am a US citizen and my fiancé is Canadian. We want to get married in the US but live in Canada. Would it be more ideal for us to get married in Canada than in the US? (Would this speed up the process to get Canadian citizenship?)

It doesn’t matter where you get married, as the marriage certificate will be in English. The sponsorship process – which is for permanent residence not citizenship – is not going to be delayed by a marriage certificate from a US state as opposed to a Canadian province.

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I am a Canadian citizen living in New Zealand. My wife lives with me in NZ but she is an Indian citizen. She is pregnant and we are thinking about traveling to Canada. I can not find any insurance company that will cover her, but will British Columbia government cover her since pregnancy-related expenses since she is married to me and I am a Canada born, Canadian citizen? In addition, she would be coming on a tourist visa without intent to stay in Canada until at least two more years.

She has to live in BC for at least three months as a permanent resident in order to qualify for provincial health insurance.

You need to sponsor her for permanent residence, which is a complicated procedure you can learn about more by reading other Q and As on this page.

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My beloved is canadian and me i’m from Burkina Faso living in New York (USA). But my us student visa is expired now. We plan to get marry in New York here and then she will go in canada to register the marriage and apply for my immigration visa in order to join her in Canada…Is it possible for us ? What we have to do ? What conditions?

You need to have status where you are living in order to be sponsored for permanent residence. So, in addition to getting married, you need to leave the US or restore your status.

Then she can sponsor you. She will need to be in Canada to do so.

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