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My ex-common law partner sponsored a spouse (marriage of convenience) 12 years ago and divorced her 2 years after she landed in Canada. Prior of finalized the divorce in 2008 he met me and we’re living and have children together. Now our relationship break down and he went back oversee and married another spouse. Will he still be able to sponsor her to Canada?

If he sponsored you as well, he’ll have to wait five years. If he didn’t sponsor you, yes he can sponsor his new partner.

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I am a Canadian who lives in Dubai. I would like to marry a Russian girl. We can Marry anywhere, but what would be the easiest to get her a Canadian passport?

There is no easier place to marry. The only advantage marrying in Canada has is that the marriage certificate is in English (or French) and doesn’t need to be translated.

The process of making your partner a citizen is long. You need to sponsor her for permanent residence first. Once sponsored, she has to live here in Canada for at least three years before she can apply for citizenship.

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I am indian citizen and married.I have applied for PR through express my indian passport my spouse name is india it is difficult to remove spouse name until we get separated.So can I sponsor my girlfriend in cannada though my indian passport having my spouse name. Or if I apply for work permit for cannada then is it possible to sponsor my girlfriend though my indian passport having my spouse name.

You should worry about getting accepted for PR first.

But, if you get PR, you should get your passport changed if you are changing your name otherwise, when you sponsor your spouse. Your name in your passport should be your legal name.

If you instead got a work permit backed by an LMIA, your girlfriend cannot accompany you unless you are Common Law.

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My boyfriend is a Canadian citizen and am an illegal immigrant as of 2 months ago. We’ve been together for 7 years (long distance in which he visited me at my home country), if we get married soon which we want to do; what’s the process for me to file for PR and how long will it take me to get approved? Are there any red flags here? I been here for a year and had extended my stay for an additional 6 months to remain legal.

You need to have legal status wherever you are when the application is submitted. So you need to leave Canada now.

Then, he can submit the sponsorship application OR you can try to re-enter Canada legally and then you can submit the sponsorship application.

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I am citizen of canada and plan to marry in Pakistan. My spouse has valid 5 years multiple entry visit visa. Can she travel to Canada post marriage with me and then I apply for spouse sponsorship while she is in Canada. During the process of her application can she travel out of Canada and return on the same visit visa

Yes she can travel with you to Canada and you can sponsor her inland. Her entry will be tricky, as she has to demonstrate “double intent,” to comply with her visitor visa conditions in case her permanent residence application is denied.

During the application she can indeed travel outside of Canada, though it’s better if it’s with you.

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I am Canadian citizen and want to bring. My Pakistan boyfriend here to Canada to. Marry him. How do I do this I live in London ontario

You need to marry him to sponsor him. (Or you need to have lived together for at least one year.) So you have two options:

  • If he can get a visitor visa, he can come here, you can marry and then you can submit an “inland” sponsorship application.
  • Otherwise, you need to go there (or another country) and marry him and then sponsors him for permanent residence.
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My boyfriend is from Colombia, and is currently enrolled in school here in Canada. His school visa/permit will expire in march of 2018, so he has not applied for a work permit yet. We intend on getting married, is it helpful to us to get married before his permit? He will be in Canada for 2 1/2 years by march of next year, so could he apply for permanent residency? If he doesn’t get approved for the work permit, will he have to go back to Colombia even if we get married?

If you get married, nothing changes. You need to sponsor him for permanent residence. You can read more about that all over this page.

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