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My boyfriend is currently studying here in BC Canada, and has a student visa. He’s from Ecuador and we want to marry here and so he can become a permanent resident so schooling will be cheaper for him. What are the requirements for him to become a PR here asap?

If your boyfriend is going to remain a student, the only way he can become a permanent resident is by you sponsoring him. You can do so one of two ways:

  • marrying him and then sponsoring him
  • living with him for at least one year and then sponsoring him.

In both cases, you will have to prove the relationship is genuine. It will not be “ASAP.” The current processing time is 12 months minimum, and that’s what they’re aspiring to.

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I have been in Canada since i was 9. my guardians never applied for Canadian citizenship and as i got older i got a criminal record and was given an order of deportation. I won my case through my Humanitarian application and after 10 long years i was given a waiver from criminal inadmissibility. And was wondering how long will it take for me to receive my PR card. i have sent in my Medical and prints plus paid the full fee for my PR. What i am left with is now just wondering how long this process will take?

Your case is really specific, but the government does post a general processing time for humanitarian and compassionate grounds: 39 months. So it will be 39 months from the day you submitted your application. Provided the application is successful, it will then 45 days until your PR Card is mailed to you.

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If I obtain a pardon, does it mean that my criminal record will be wiped out?

No. Your record will be taken from the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) and your criminal record will not show up on any checks of the public records in Canada, which means that persons with pardoned convictions will not be discriminated against when they apply for a job or for a position in the Canadian Forces or federal authority offices. The Solicitor General of Canada always retains the ability to disclose information on past crimes regardless of your pardon.

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When can I apply for a pardon?

If you have committed a summary offence, you can apply three years after all fines have been paid and any sentence has been served. If you were convicted of an indictable offence the period before you can apply for a pardon is 5 years.

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What is a Canadian Pardon?

A pardon allows people who have committed a crime in Canada to demonstrate that they are now law-abiding citizens because they have served their sentence, paid any fines associated with their conviction and have not been involved with any other crime.

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