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looking to apply for death certificates of my grand parents

Death cerficates are issued by the province. Each province has slightly different rules about who is eligible to apply for death certificates so, depending upon where they died, your parent might have to apply instead. Applications are often done online but sometimes must still be done on paper. Each province is different. Google “[province] + death certificate application” and avoid the ads from private companies.

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Need to find out how to obtain death certificate of my estranged wife? All I know she died about 4-5 years ago and I have Funeral Home that performed services. I do not have specific dates. I am in United States and getting Married but need this document to do so. If I need to go to Canada to obtain this is there some form I can fill out and sign so that someone can go on my behalf as I am unable do to work reasons.

You can apply for your wife’s death certificate from her province of death’s Vital Statistics Office or Office of the Registrar General. Many provinces now offer online applications for your convenience.

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