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I live on a farm with no mail delivery to our house. Consequently, we have a PO Box in a nearby town. My mailing address is therefore a PO Box. For the current address requested on the passport form, do I use the post office box # and town, or my municipal address which has a site number and a range road number, but no postal code as we do not receive mail here. The municipal address is used for dispatching emergency vehicles and such.

Passport Canada needs your mailing address to get the passport to you, but they also want your physical address. There is space for both on the form.

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I am currently married but will be getting separated/divorced within the next 6-12 months; however i plan on travelling very soon. I plan on applying for my very first canadian passport, but i do not want my current last name- my husband’s last name on it. I would like to have my maiden name – my last name at birth on my passport. What do i need to do? Do i just present my birth certificate along with my canadian passport application?

If your married name is your legal name you need to change your name back to your maiden name before you apply for your passport.

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I am 16 and I need to get a new passport. I only have my old passport to prove my identity with the five criteria, so I need another piece of identification. All I have is my student card with my picture. Is this acceptable?

Whether or not your student card might be acceptable depends upon what kind of information is on it.

Don’t you have a photo health card? What about a driver’s license? If you don’t have your learner’s permit yet, you can apply for a provincial ID Card.

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