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Me and my boyfriend have been living together for 3 years now. and we had to file our taxes as common law though. we are trying to get passports for our trip. his passport is new and mine is a renewal. we are not registering as common law or have plans to. the only thing that is in both of our names is our apartment. nothing else. do we put single down or common law for martial status even though we do not have a certificate or plan to get one?

You can put “single” if you like.

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When I take my pictures and application to the passport office do I get my passport right away?

No, not unless you pay for same day processing. But usually you get it much faster than when you submit the application by mail.

The normal processing time for mailed applications is 20 business days, while it’s 10 business days for normal walk-in applications. However, in our experience renewal applications are regularly processed well before the 10 business day requirement.

You can pay for next day or same day service as well. (There is no “while you wait” service available.)

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I was born in Canada, a First Nation Indian, I have lived in the US all my life. I have used my secure native card to cross the border all my life.I need a passport to take a cruise with my wife.Can I travel to Ontario and apply for a passport,and have it delivered to the States

That’s a good question.

When you apply from the States it’s by mail and the passport is mailed to you.

When you apply in person in Canada the passport is mailed to you but I have no idea if they accept a foreign address. You could try. Or you could contact them first.

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