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I was born in Canada, a First Nation Indian, I have lived in the US all my life. I have used my secure native card to cross the border all my life.I need a passport to take a cruise with my wife.Can I travel to Ontario and apply for a passport,and have it delivered to the States

That’s a good question.

When you apply from the States it’s by mail and the passport is mailed to you.

When you apply in person in Canada the passport is mailed to you but I have no idea if they accept a foreign address. You could try. Or you could contact them first.

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We’re going to Niagara Falls this spring. Does my 17 year old daughter need a passport or just her birth certificate and driver’s license? If she does need a passport, how long will it take and how much does it cost?

I guess you’re not going now, right? (This response was written during the 2020 pandemic.)

In normal times, when the border is open, she needs a passport. There are multiple options to speed up the process, but they cost more the faster you want it. The important this is that all urgent passport applications must be applied forĀ in person at a Passport Canada office. If she cannot do that, she will have to apply the normal way (by mail) which takes 20 calendar days, not including mailing time.

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