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Can you fly before your expiration date?

Yes, technically you can.

However, the vast majority of countries impose restrictions passport validity when entering; it’s usually 6 months, sometimes 3 months or, in rare cases, merely valid through your planned date of departure.

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I am a duel citizen English/Canadian living in England. I have my citizenship card. I am applying for my Canadian passport and I am stuck since I dont know anyone who can be my guarantor. Can a notary public assist me or how can I find a guarantor?

You need a guarantor for new passport or travel document applications that you submit by mail or in person. Your guarantor can be a family member or anyone living at your address, as long as they meet the guarantor requirements.

The guarantor must complete their duties, free of charge, including:

  • completing and signing the “Declaration of Guarantor” section of your application
  • writing “I certify this to be a true likeness of (applicant name)” on the back of one of your passport photos and signing it
  • signing and dating your photocopies of each document you have submitted to confirm your identity (if it applies to you)

A family member or anyone living at the same address as you may be your guarantor as long as they meet the basic guarantor requirements above.

You may also choose an occupation-based guarantor, as long as they’re:

  • registered/licensed with the appropriate local authority to practice their profession
  • currently working in that field
  • practicing one of these professions:
    • judge
    • dentist
    • pharmacist
    • veterinarian
    • police officer
    • notary public
    • lawyer/notary
    • medical doctor
    • dean/head of university or college
    • signing officer of a:
      • bank or trust company
      • financial institution that offer a full range of banking services (cash withdrawals, deposits and savings)

You can only use retired occupation-based guarantors if their name still appears on the listing provided to us by the relevant association.

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