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Travel Related FAQ

Support help line: 1-866-760-2623

Helpful tips and information on travel related issues for Canadian citizens and permanent residents who need help whilst traveling abroad. Further information can be found at any of the websites listed below:

Passport Canada
Global Affairs Canada
The Canadian Air Transport Security Authority
Canadian Automobile Association
Canada Border Services Agency

my girl friend lived in ukraine, i lived in pakistan and going to visitor in ukraine after marriage what documents are requried

You need to contact the Ukrainian Embassy in Islamabad to apply for a visa.

There are short-term visas (90 days) and long-term visas (intent to apply for permanent residence). See the details here.

My 5 year old daughter has a long form birth certificate does she need a passport still to cross the border

As long as she is travelling with both her parents, she doesn’t need anything other than the birth certificate.

I am a Canadian citizen born in Canada and my husband is now a Canadian citizen born but was born in India. We are currently in the process of a divorce and both want custody. He is the sole provider but had threatened in the past to flee the country with our child and, though I have no proof, has been abusive to me on a couple of occasions in the past. He is a very smart and charming man and I am worried if we both have equal custody or if he is the parent with sole custody that he will travel to India with our child and then choose to never return once there. What can I do?

You husband should not be able to apply for your children’s passports or leave the country with your children without your permission. If you are concerned he will be able to, contact a lawyer and/or Canada Border Services Agency to see what can be done.

if i am holding a Certificate of identity can i apply for Spain VISA?

Yes, you can apply. It will be up to the Spanish authorities whether or not they grant you the visa.

Can I travel to the U.S from Canada then back to Canada as part of my holiday on a UK passport

You can only travel to the US if you have an ESTA (apply for one here), which is permission to travel to the US.

You shouldn’t have trouble re-entering Canada provided you are in possession of the same proof of your return to the UK that you had when you first entered the country.

I and my children are holding PR card. I want to travel to Canada with my both the children. My husband is not interested to join us. Do I require my husband’s consent letter for travelling? Will the Airline company or the Immigration Officer stop me at the airport.

Yes, you will need a letter from your husband stating that he has given you permission to travel with the children. Without the letter, you may be prevented fromĀ boarding the plane.

can I use a driver’s license to go to and from Montreal to plattsburgh

You can only cross the border with a passport or an enhanced driver’s license. Apply for one here.

what is an enhanced driver’s license

An enhanced driver’s license is a special driver’s license available in most states and provinces in the USA and Canada, which contains additional security features. It is usually used by holders as proof of ID and citizenship to drive across the US-Canadian border or to fly within one of those two countries.

To apply, contact your local transportation authority.

I am a permanent citizen of Canada and have my pr card, but no passport as it has gone to Tanzania for renewal as 10 years are over. It seems I shall have to travel out of Canada as my passport process is taking a long time. What other documents do I need besides my PR card to travel abroad?

Your PR Card is not a travel document as far as other countries are concerned. Only a passport is usable as proof of citizenship outside of Tanzania so you are going to have to postpone your trip and wait for your passport. Sorry for the bad news.

My wife has been given her permanent resident visa in Mexico (her home country) which is being stamped into her passport, and she’s now clear to come to Canada by May 2nd, 2016. She has a 10 year US Visa, and I’m wondering if she is allowed to drive across the US border and then into Canada with the passport, or must she fly? She has a car and I was wondering if it would be wise for us to keep the car and use it here in Canada.

Whether or not the US authorities decide to let her enter the US in order to travel to Canada will be up to the border guard at the US-Mexico border. It sounds like she would be allowed in, but she should come prepared – she needs to prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that she is going to move to Canada, and has no intentions of staying in the US.

My 15 year old granddaughter is going to England to stay with her aunt for the summer. Will she require a visa if she finds part time employment there? Babysitting, swim coach etc.

If it is legal for 15 year olds to work in England, then she would require a visa to work in England, most likely.

I have a valid PR card, but my passport has expired, I have to go to my home country soon(TANZANIA), I will renew it there and be ready before I come back. Will there be a problem to travel with an expired passport to my home country(TANZANIA)

That’s a really good question. You should contact the Tanzanian High Commission in Ottawa before you travel to find out whether or not you can travel there with an expired passport.

Can I travel to Brazil for two weeks with a Canadian criminal record (drug charge over 8 years ago)?

That likely depends on a couple of factors, the biggest of which is whether or not Canada shares its information about crime with the Brazilian government. Sorry we don’t know the answer.

can i use a canadain driver licence to open a bank account in trinidad

That likely depends upon the policies of both Trinidad and Tobago and the bank in question. You should contact the nearest diplomatic mission of Trinidad and Tobago, either the High Commission in Ottawa or the Consulate in Toronto.

I’ve seen many jobs for flight attendant however in all requirement they ask for Canadian passport. How it works if my nationality is Brazilian? Can i apply for a Canadian passport? and if yes how does it works?

Only Canadian citizens can apply for Canadian passports.

I think you are trying to figure out whether or not you can work for a Canadian airline without being a Canadian citizen, right? If you are a Permanent Resident of Canada, submit your PR Card. If you are a temporary resident, well, then it’s more complicated.


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