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Travel Document FAQ

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A Refugee Travel Document allows refugees in Canada to travel outside of canada without a passport from their home country.

A PR travel document (PRTD also known as Form IMM 5529) allows Canadian permanent residents who are not in the country to prove their immigration status on their return to Canada.

More information is available from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (CIC).

Does an adult refugee travel document allow entry to Germany without a visa?

Probably not. You should contact the German consulate nearest you to confirm.

I hold a travel document from Canada I’m a permanent residence of Canada, IM a citizen of Nicaragua, do I need a visa to enter USA for vacation.

You need a visitor visa to travel to the United States and will continue to need one until you become a Canadian citizen.

I have a Travel document issued from Canada . Can i use that to travel to Mexico or I need a Visa to enter that country

You need to contact the Mexican Embassy or a Mexican consulate to find out whether or not they’ll let you travel there without a visa.

my question if is passable to travel by certificate of identity canada passport to any europe countries ?

You should contact an embassy of a Schengen Area-member country to see if they will accept a Canadian Certificate of Identity as a travel document.

i am originally from Afghanistan, and a permanent resident of Canada. while holding a travel document issued by Canada to which countries i can enter visa free or without a visa

Whether or not you can enter with a Refugee Travel Document is up to the individual countries and not usually something they publicize. You’ll have to pick where you want to travel and contact the Embassy.

I did a short landing to meet date criteria mentioned on CoPR. After staying for 10 days, I returned back to my home country (India). So, I do not have PR card with me. Now, when I am applying for PRTD, it is asking for 2 piece of proof confirming my PR status. What should I do now ? I only have CoPR and no other document to prove my PR status.

Are you sure they are asking for two proofs of your PR Status? Or are they asking for two proofs of your identity?

I’ve applied for a permanent resident travel document to the nearest Canadian consulate in the US what takes care of those applications,however there is not a processing time to show how long it would take…I would just like to know the processing time on the document.

Unfortunately, the only publicly available processing time for PR Travel Document applications is an average of all visa office processing times. That average is 3 weeks. We don’t know if that consulate is faster or slower than average.

how long does a pr travel document take to process

The average processing time is 3 weeks but that is an average among all Canadian visa offices around the world.

where can I go with my Canada travel document

Your range of travel should be indicated your travel document. Usually, your refugee travel document prevents you from travelling only to the country you fled. However, all countries have different visa rules, so you will have to check with the country you are planning on visiting, as to whether or not you require a visa, and whether or not you can enter with the refugee travel document.

how long it takes to process PRTV? I have recently landed to Canada and waiting for PR card, however I have travel back home and I need to come back without PR card via PRTV.

On average, it takes three weeks to process a Permanent Residence Travel Document. Processing time varies by office, though.

l am a convention refugee and i applied for PR card. I arrived Toronto 8 months ago. I have RTD with visit visa to Egypt. I would like to ask do i need to do anything more to secure my return to Canada. for example with CBSA or any other immigration agencies.

Your Refugee Travel Document serves as a stand-in for your home passport. You should be okay to return to Canada with it, but if you are becoming a permanent resident, perhaps wait until you have the PR Card before you travel.

im new in Canada 4 month only and i have pr but i want to travel and i need travel document but i want to get my travel document in short time so what i have to do and im living in Calgary Alberta i want to go to Sudan ? So how long it will take my travel document?

If you have not yet received your PR Card you should wait to receive it before you travel to Sudan because it will take a minimum of 3 weeks for the visa office responsible for Sudan (which is located in Rome, Italy) to process your application once they’ve received it.

If you already have your PR Card, you do not need a PRTD to return to Canada, just your PR Card and passport.

If, however, your question is about a Refugee Travel Document instead, whether or not you can apply for it and use it to travel to Sudan depends upon which country you fled from. If you fled from a country other than Sudan, you can apply for a Refugee Travel Document to travel back there.

i have PRTD until march 15 2017 but i need extention until june 15 2017 so can i applyed for extention to go to canada

You need to apply for a brand new Permanent Resident Travel Document because you cannot extend the expiry date of your current PRTD.

I am a refugee from Colombia and two years ago I was under investigation for an urgent travel to Colombia by CBSA office. The case was investigated and closed after my interview with the CBSA officer. The company where I work for needs to send me to The United State so, I applied for my Refugee Travel document and it was granted but, the Passport Office kept my Colombian passport that will expire in 5 years. The Government of The United State does not grant visa over a Canadian Travel Document and, my Citizenship application has been in process for the last 16 months. The solution I see now is returning the Refugee Travel Document and they will send me back my Colombian passport. I am not sure if the CBSA will investigate me as I will travel to The United State using my Colombian passport with my USA visa on it and my Canadian Permanent Resident Card to come back to Canada.

It seems unlikely that your Colombian passport will be released just because you had in your Refugee Travel Document. But you can try. You will need to provide proof that you need to travel from your employer (on company letterhead).

Due to your need to travel for work, you can request your citizenship application be expedited.

I’m Iranian I have Canadian travel document I would love to go to Mexico for vacation. Do I need visa?

You should check with the nearest Mexican diplomatic mission about whether or not you will need a visa ahead of time. Most Canadians get visas at the port of entry in Mexico, but that may not be the case for Refugee Travel Document holders.

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