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Travel Document FAQ

Support help line: 1-866-760-2623

A Refugee Travel Document allows refugees in Canada to travel outside of canada without a passport from their home country.

A PR travel document (PRTD also known as Form IMM 5529) allows Canadian permanent residents who are not in the country to prove their immigration status on their return to Canada.

More information is available from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (CIC).

I want to travel to Namibia wit a certificate of identity. Which route should i take

Some countries will require you to get a transit visa and some will not.

The first thing you need to do is to find out whether or not you will need a transit visa through the EU, as most trips are going to send you to Europe before Africa.

If you need a transit visa for the EU, you can check to see if you could fly to Brazil or another south American country which may not require the same thing of you.

However, the issue with Canadian Certificates of Identity is most countries do not publicize whether or not they require visas for holders of these documents. So you will have to contact the Embassy or Consulate of any country you are planning to transit through.

I am a protected person in Canada and waiting for my PR card… Can I travel to the USA with Canadian Travel Document

Yes, but you will need a visitor visa for the United States (a B2 it’s called).

I have a travel document and parmenent resident but I don’t have visa I can go to visit my friend U.S.A ?

You need a visitor visa to visit the US. Canadian PR Status does not remove this requirement.

I have a convention refugee travel document. I am a permanent resident of Canada. I am going to Germany for 2 years to obtain my MSc. My entry point is France where I have a orientation week and then I proceed to Germany. Can I apply for my long stay visa once I get to Germany? It was recommended to me that I obtain a residence permit for Germany before leaving as I will be staying more than 90 days.

This is a Canadian website which focuses on people trying to come to or stay in Canada. We do not know what Germany’s immigration laws are. Contact your closest German Consulate or the Embassy in Ottawa for information.

Can I visit saudia arabia on refugee travel document??

That is completely at the discretion of Saudi Arabia. Once the pandemic is more under control, contact the Saudi Embassy in Ottawa to see if you can travel there. You will likely need a visa.

I am Permanent Resident of Canada who was accepted as convention refugee and received Canadian Refugee Travel Document before. Now my Canadian Refugee Travel Document is expired, Can I get Refugee Travel Document again or will I get Certificate of Identity? Are Permanent Residents of Canada who got their PRs under protected person status category eligible to receive Refugee Travel Document?

Passport Canada decides whether to issue you the Certificate of Identity or the Refugee Travel Document. The application is the same, they issue whichever is applicable.

However, the point is moot currently as the office is closed until the pandemic is better under control.

The applicant got asked to go pick up the mail-in passport after submitting the PRTD application. Does it mean the PRTD is approved? It doesn’t say in the email.

It means there’s been a decision, whether positive or negative. It’s more likely positive than negative because, if it was negative, they would probably just mail back the passport with a refusal notification.

if you have a visa made to dubai on your indian passport prior to getting your new Canadian passport ; can you travel to Dubai with the Indian passport even After you get the Canadian citizenship. The reason for soing this is because the visa to Dubai is made using those indian passport details? also can I surrender my Indian passport after travel to Dubai? or in India?The next port of travel from dubai will be to India where in I can use the new Canadian passport; After which I will surrender my Indian passport in India. Please let me know if this will be okay to do so

If you are a citizen of more than one country you can choose which passport to use to enter another country. It’s probably a good idea to use the same citizenship to enter that country in the future.

If you are a citizen of a country which automatically revokes citizenship when you become a citizen of a second country this could be a problem, however. Countries which have this policy have a hard time enforcing it so as long as your passport is still valid you should be okay.

I applied for permanent resident travel documents here in Manila Philippines. My pr card was expired last Oct. 2016 I came home last august of 2013. Im just worried about my application..Am i still have the change to get a prtd?did i loose my pr status?

If you don’t meet the residence requirement (2 years in Canada between October 2011 and October 2016) your status will likely be revoked due to the submission of the PRTD application.

i apply a traveldocument for my child about 4 month ago and I haven’t received yet every time they are asking me some information and I am sending for them can I go there in Ottawa in person to give all the required information

Yes, you can apply in person at

Passport Office (Certificate of Identity Section)
Place du Centre, Commercial Level 2
200 Promenade du Portage
Gatineau, QC

My wife,my son and I landed at June 2008, we left Canada with PR cards. I reentered only by myself later and stayed in Canada until I got citizenship last year and I came back to reunite with them. We plan to move back to Canada next year. Can my wife and son apply for PRTD? Or they have to forsake the PR status first and reapply again?

They should not apply for PRTDs. They do they will likely lose their status because IRCC will become aware that they do not meet the residence requirement.

However, they may be able to enter Canada by car with their Records of Landing. There is a risk that they could have their status revoked because of their attempt to enter, but if they are able to enter then they can stay until they meet (or exceed) the residence requirement.

If they don’t want to do that, they can renounce their status and you can sponsor them. (Though you can only sponsor your son if he is a dependent.)

I am a permanent residents as a refugee and i want to travel to visit my native country. Is it possible ?

If you have a Canadian travel document or certificate of identity it will say whether or not you can travel to your home country.

If you don’t yet have one, apply for one and when it is issued it will state any travel restrictions on it.

I came to Canada in Jan 2013, and applied for Refugee, it was accepted and I got my PR in April 2015. I have gone back home, for two and half months, I have been asked by CSBA, can you please guide what I should do now, and what they will do in my case. I have proven that it was an emergency due to my father passed away and also the government has changed and there is no more treat for me.

You should speak a lawyer.

I am permanent resident and applied for travel document by mail on March 10,2017, but up to now I did not receive my documents. I tracked my application, and it was received on March 13,2017 but I have not heard from them yet. I am worried because I sent my original PR & other documents as well.

Three weeks processing is pretty normal.

Hi, I have a refugee travel document, Can I apply for a USA Visa with this document?

Yes you can

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