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Right of Citizenship FAQ

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Canadian Citizenship is one of the most prized in the world. It creates new hope and opportunities for the 170,000 people who are accepted every year. The Right to Citizenship FAQ explains who qualifies for citizenship and the steps to take to become a Canadian citizen.

In order to apply for Canadian citizenship, you need to gather the appropriate documentation, complete the application forms and, in most cases, pass the citizenship test.

  1. Gather your documents
  2. Complete the application forms
  3. Pass the Citizenship Test
  4. Swear the Citizenship Oath
  5. Become a Canadian Citizen
PLEASE NOTE: As of October 11, 2017 the Canadian Citizenship residence requirement was decreased. Responses to questions about the residence requirement published before October 11, 2017 are now out of date. If you are unsure about the residence requirement, ask a question or see this page.

If you wish to read more about obtaining Canadian Citizenship, check out the Canadian Government website, Citizenship and Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC, formerly CIC).

My son and I exited Toronto, Canada going to Thailand on January 21, 2017 due to emergency reason using his Czech Passport. When we left Canada my son’s citizenship application is on process and I already returned/submitted his valid original PR card to the CIC as per their request on December 30, 2016.. Now, i found out on January 24, 2017 upon checking online the status of my son’s citizenship application that he has his Canadian citizenship granted on December 21, 2016. I only have a copy of his PR card and I’m afraid my son can’t travel back to Canada because he is not holding any original proof of his PR, Canadian Citizenship Certificate/Canadian Passport. We tried to apply for ETA using his Czech Passport but was denied because immigration said he is aleady a citizen in Canada and does not need one. I need to go back to Toronto on February 4, 2017 to report to work and my son back to school. What will I do.

You need to apply for an emergency passport for your son, which could be difficult given that he does not have a citizenship certificate.  Contact the nearest Canadian Embassy or Consulate as soon as possible.

Your other option is to try this.

I applied for citizenship, but they sent back my application saying that i need to explain to them why there’s a gap in my passport validity? What they mean about that?

You should speak to a consultant or lawyer about your issue. You want to make sure you respond correctly to this request so that it does not endanger your application.

I have all documents for Canadian citizenship but need the exact date. The card has a number with a 1978 printed in the back ground. The larger document has a month and year 3/77. How can I find out the exact date.

If your citizenship certificate or citizenship card does not have the date you became a citizen on it, you can submit a Search of Citizenship Records with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

My sister has dual citizenship with the U.S. and Australia and lives in Australia. I am a U.S. citizen living in the U.S. right now. She said it would be easier for me to get dual citizenship with the U.S. and Canada ( a member of the Commonwealth) because of her dual citizenship status? Is that true? If so, how would I start this process?

No, it’s not true. It may be true that it is easier for a Canadian to get Australian citizenship due to membership in The Commonwealth (this used to be true) but it is not true for Canadian citizenship and has not been true for a very long time.

Unfortunately to become Canadian you first have to live here legally as a permanent resident for four years (3 years as of autumn 2017). In order to become a permanent resident, you have to immigrate as a skilled worker or work here temporarily first.

My boyfriend came to Canada from Portugal as a landed immigrant does he need a permanent residence card he never had or never applied since then ..hes planning to apply for citizenship does he need to apply for PR card prior to the application for citizenship.

Your boyfriend does not need a PR Card to apply for Canadian citizenship as long as he’s not going to travel outside of Canada during the application process.

after how many years of having a PR card can you apply for a citizenship

Until the law is changed (which may happen in 2017), you need to have been in Canada for at least four of the last 6 years, as a permanent resident.

If i applied for the Canadian citizenship exam, How long have to wait for the exam?

You don’t apply for the citizenship test, you apply for citizenship. If you applied for citizenship, you will be notified when you have to take the test. The official processing time is 12 months and the test would be near the end of that time period.

My great Grandparents where Canadians, but my grandfather and father where born outside Canada. My Great Grand Parents and my grandfather passed away without passing citizenship to my family due to different circumstances. I contacted the Canadian embassy in Lebanon, and they asked me to apply for proof of citizenship. Do I have the right to reclaim citizenship, By passing the citizenship from my great grandfather to my grandfather and father, My grandfather was born in Lebanon in the year 1925 My father was born in Lebanon in the year 1956 Is my my grand father considered Canadian citizen who was born prior to 1947 to Canadian father and mother outside Canada. If this is true then my father would be eligible to citizenship because he was born between 1947-77 in the 1st generation.

Your situation is quite unique and you should contact a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant or lawyer for assistance if you want to try to get Canadian citizenship.

Here’s the problem as far as I can tell: your great-grandfather was British, not Canadian, as Canadian citizenship did not yet exist.

It would depend upon the rules governing British nationality in 1925, whether or not your great-grandfather passed on British citizenship to your grandfather. I really doubt he passed on Canadian citizenship, because Canadian citizenship wasn’t independent of British citizenship until the 1940s.

my husband took part in citizenship exam in 2011 and passed the exam and now he is a Canadian Citizen , but I failed in the exam in the mentioned date . I returned to my country then , and my PR card expired date , is the April 2018 . Would you please let me know how and when can I apply for a new PR card ? Is it possible I apply from my country ? Can I be covered by my husband Citizenship and could he apply for me for Citizenship as his wife?

No, your husband cannot sponsor you for citizenship.

The good news is that you are still a permanent resident. If you can return to Canada before April 2018, you should be able to maintain your PR status. Then, in 4 -6 years, you can apply for citizenship again.

I was sponsored by husband last 2012 to come here in Canada, so in other words I was a landed immigrant. My PR card has been processed in Toronto airport, received my PR card after few weeks. Now my question is, I’m already separated with my husband, we never had the chance to live together because he was in Calgary that time and I landed in Toronto. The reason why I landed in Toronto that month was because I was planning to attend my aunt’s wedding and see all my relatives before I’ll fly to Calgary and my husband was planning as well at the same time to move in Ontario because that’s what his relatives are. To make the story short, that didn’t happen. As normal couples, we had some ups and downs arguing and we never met since I got here in Canada. My PR card is going to expire soon and it’s either I’m going to renew it or will apply for citizenship. Never been out of Canada since I got here. My question now is, do you think I would still be able to renew my PR card or get a citizenship knowing that I’m already separated with my husband and never lived with him since I got here? We got married by the way back home and we’ve been married for years.

Conditional permanent residence was repealed on May 3, 2017, meaning that the requirement to live with your husband for two years after you landed no longer exists. It’s unlikely that IRCC would punish you for violating a requirement that no longer exists. You should go ahead and try for citizenship.

I am perminate resident in Canada.I arrived on 30 September 2015.When i will apply for Canadian citizenship?

You will be able to apply for Canadian citizenship in October 2019, if you have not travelled outside of Canada. If you have travelled, it may be later.

Learn the full details of the Canadian citizenship residence requirement.

if i’m schooling outside of Canada as a pr in a canadian school, does the time i spend outside canada count toward my citizenship.

No, only time outside of Canada working for the Canadian government can count towards meeting the residence requirement for citizenship.

she has 4 passport included from the time she came to Canada and now total 4 books when she apply a citizenship should we using her 4 books to fill out on application form.

She must only submit passports she has used in the last 6 years, including both valid and expired passports, if she has them.

I’m a Canadian citizen living in the United States my partner what’s a Canadian permanent resident but a US citizen now living with me in California as he never fulfilled the residency requirements can he still apply for Canadian citizenship

Provided he has been living with you, and can prove it, he can maintain his PR status. However, you will need to move back to Canada for him to qualify for citizenship, unless one or both of you work for the Canadian government in some capacity that requires you to live in the United States.

Living with a Canadian citizen abroad is enough to maintain permanent residence status but not enough to apply for citizenship.

I have had a PR card and resided in Canada since 1969 – can I convert it to a Canadian passport and how do I do that?

You need to apply for Canadian citizenship to hold a Canadian passport. Fortunately, you are eligible.

Learn how to apply for Canadian citizenship.

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