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Right of Citizenship FAQ

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Canadian Citizenship is one of the most prized in the world. It creates new hope and opportunities for the 170,000 people who are accepted every year. The Right to Citizenship FAQ explains who qualifies for citizenship and the steps to take to become a Canadian citizen.

In order to apply for Canadian citizenship, you need to gather the appropriate documentation, complete the application forms and, in most cases, pass the citizenship test.

  1. Gather your documents
  2. Complete the application forms
  3. Pass the Citizenship Test
  4. Swear the Citizenship Oath
  5. Become a Canadian Citizen
PLEASE NOTE: As of October 11, 2017 the Canadian Citizenship residence requirement was decreased. Responses to questions about the residence requirement published before October 11, 2017 are now out of date. If you are unsure about the residence requirement, ask a question or see this page.

If you wish to read more about obtaining Canadian Citizenship, check out the Canadian Government website, Citizenship and Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC, formerly CIC).

I am a Canadian citizen living in Mexico married to a Russian passport holder for 9 years- we got married in eth USVI’s— how do I apply for a Canadian passport for her while living in Mexico– as we are not planning on moving back anytime soon- as we have business interests here.

You absolutely cannot apply for her passport.

Marriage by itself does not bestow Canadian citizenship.

If she wanted to become a Canadian citizen you would have to move to Canada and sponsor her for permanent residence. Then she would have to live in Canada for years and then she could apply for citizenship.

if i withdraw my canadian citizenship, can i remain as a permanent resident?

No. You would have to immigrate all over again to become a permanent resident.

does the working holiday count toward required time in canada for citizenship?

You can count days spent in Canada as a temporary resident (such as when you are on a working holiday visa) if that time falls within the time period of residency for an application for citizenship. But you have to be a permanent resident to apply first.

I didn’t pass my citizenship test but still, ask to come and take the Oath of citizenship

To help answer your question we need more information than that. If you are going to be allowed to sear the Oath of Citizenship, you either passed your citizenship test or were exempt from taking/ineligible to take the test and took it by mistake.

I presently have Canadian PR. once I apply for Canadian citizenship is it valid for life even if I leave Canada. Once I get the Canadian passport will that also be valid if I don’t live in Canada and leave for another country

Yes, once you are a Canadian citizen, you cannot lose that status unless it is proven that you fraudulently obtained it.

i got separated with my wife soon after they arrived in canada as permanent residents. my daughter lives with her ever since. can i include my daughter in my canadian citizen application even if she doesn’t live with me?

As long as you have legal custody of your daughter, you can include her in your citizenship application. If you don’t have custody, your daughter will have to apply on her own wait until her mother applies.

I wonder if I can still be qualified to be granted for a Canadian citizenship without taking any exam. Because my mother who turned 60 last 2015 was granted to have her Canadian citizenship but she forgot to include me with her application since she sponsored me and I became a permanent resident in January 2010. Looking forward to hear from you. 

If you are between the ages of 18 and 54 you must take the citizenship test. If you are younger than 18 years of age, and submit your application before you turn 18, you will not have to take the citizenship test or provide proof of language ability.

I am a us citizen who would like to become a Canadian citizen I have a sister in law who lives in Canada. I am also a 100% disable veteran retired police officer.

At the moment, the only process for a retired person to become a Permanent Resident of Canada is through sponsorship, either through a child who is already a permanent resident or a citizen, or through marriage. And you need to be a permanent resident for five years before you can become a citizen.

I planned to apply for Canadian Citizenship this February 2017,may I know how long will I wait for me to do the test for canadian citizenship? And also, I planned to go for vacation in the Philippines on August 2017,can I still go for my vacation if my application for canadian citizenship is still on process?

As of 2017, the processing time for Canadian citizenship applications is 12 months. The citizenship test will occur near the end of that year.

As long as your PR Card is still valid, you can travel outside of Canada during your citizenship application process.

Hi, my child is not PR here cause they decline my application before for my son coz they told me that I didn’t include my son to my Pr application before but now I’m to planning to apply for citizenship and I have to declare my son what will gonna happen?

If you did not declare your son on your initial application for PR, you are unable to sponsor him and therefore you will have to become a citizen without him also getting citizenship.

If he wants to immigrate to Canada, he will have to do so on his own without your help.

My stepdaughter applied for us and my wife and I became landed immigrants. Can she apply for citizenship alone, even though we became pr together? Or we have to apply together?

Adults can apply for citizenship individually or together (if related). Minor children have to apply at the time of their parents or after their parents apply.

Cam my wife apply for citizenship alone, even though we became pr together? Or we have to apply together?

Only minor children must apply with their parents. All adults can apply individually, whenever they qualify.

i’m a Canadian citizen and my husband holds a permanent residence of Canada. he has a job offer from US . if I travel with him to the USA with our daughter who is a Canadian citizen as well will my husbands days be counted towards his residency requirements for citizenship?

Not exactly. Your husband will still meet the Canadian permanent resident residency obligation. However, in order to be eligible for citizenship, you or he would have to be working for Canadian or provincial government while in the US.

I would just like to ask, i just got divorce here in canada but my pr card is still under my married name since i cannot change my Philippine passport into my maiden name because they do not honour the divorce certificate. Will i have problem if i change everything once i apply for citizenship?

No, you will just have to provide your divorce certificate in addition to your IDs in order to show that the person in the PR Card and the person in the passport are one and the same.

how long to replace canadian citizenship card

The stated processing time is currently 5 months.

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