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My wife and two kids been living in Canada for the last 8 years as permanent residents. they only travelled once every year for family reunion (approx 60 days a year). they have applied for PR renewal in Jan 2016 and last week they got a letter from CIC for interview and to bring bunch of documents even though they have sent along with the applications all the proofs requested ( schools, work, credit statement, passports, etc…) 1 is it normal they get called for interview 2 will CIC delay further their application – why they asked for same documents again

  1. Yes, it is fairly commonplace for interviews to be requested. There’s nothing that can be done about it but to attend the interview.
  2. IRCC could further delay the application if they do not provide what has been requested.
  3. They are likely wanting to see original documents, if your family submitted copies, to ensure that the documents actually exist and to verify their authenticity.
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