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We arrived March 20 2014 as a Permanent Resident, then my Son is now on the Philippines for a vacation for almost 1 year. He will be back next year August 2018 and our PR card will expire on Sept 2019. Is there gonna be a problem on his status if he will stay in the Philippines for 2 years? It was his first vacation since we arrived here last March 2014.

In order to renew his PR Card without issue, your son needs to not only meet the residence requirement of 2 years out of the last 5 living in Canada, but we suggest spending closer to 3 years in Canada. Since he will not be in this situation if he is overseas for two years, we recommend not reapply for his PR Card for a while until he exceeds the requirement. (He does need to return to Canada before his PR Card expires, though.)

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