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I have a valid UK passport but my pr card expired in Jan 2016. We travel to Cuba on the 9th – 16 th Mar 2016. I submitted a pr renewal back in Oct 2016 and they are still no where near looking at applications from Oct. Can I contact the CIC with a travel itinerary and proof of ticket purchase now in order to expedite the application? Secondly is it possible to travel without a valid pr card and get an ETA to travel back to Canada from Cuba as we travel back on March 6th 2016 then prove at the POE that I have pr status?

  1. Yes, you can submit your tickets to prove that you are travelling in March.
  2. It is possible to travel back to Canada without a PR Card as you are UK citizens. On March 3, 2016, IRCC announced that eTAs will not be made mandatory until autumn 2016.
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