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I am a US citizen and a board-certified physician. I went to medical school and trained in the US. My long-term girlfriend is a Canadian citizen who’s currently finishing training in the US but will need to move back to Canada once her training is completed. I would like to move to Canada with her. What is the fastest option to get PR status in Canada (I would like to remain a US citizen). (1) Marriage, with her sponsoring me after marriage? (2) Work-permit: how hard is it for an employer in Canada to sponsor an American to work in Canada? (3) Any other options? I just finished training so do not have the savings/investments yet (4) Are there shortage in physicians in Canada that will favor my application?

You will not lose your US citizenship by becoming a permanent resident of Canada or a citizen.

  1. Supposedly now takes 12 months, but processing time depends on a number of factors
  2. The work permit process is much slower – you’ll need to work in Canada for a year before you apply for permanent residence through Canadian work experience (given that you are a doctor, you can immigrate right now)
  3. Immigrate as a skilled worker or self-employer professional – the former should take a little more than 6 months
  4. That is a question you need to do some research on.
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