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Two questions… 1. I have a Canadian Citizenship Card. If I apply for a Canadian citizenship certificate, do I have to surrender the card, or can I have both? (Given how particular they are about original documents and sometimes going by mail or courier, which carries some risk, I would really like to have a backup certificate safe at home when I send the other one in for passport renewals etc.) 2. As I said, I am a Canadian citizen and have the citizenship card and also a Canadian passport. I was born in the U.S. and have been living in U.S. up til now. I am moving to B.C. for university and would like to get a SIN number and card, so I will have what is needed for a part time job or summer job. What ID do I need to take to the Service Canada offce in Vancouver to get the SIN number and card?

Let’s answer your two questions:

  1. You are not supposed to have both. Moreover, you presumably need to submit the card to get ther certificate (unless you have some other proof of citizenship you can submit…)
  2. For the SIN application, you just need your citizenship card or certificate. You can learn more about SIN applications here.
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