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I have two issues: I’m Canadian, born and bred, my husband is Australian, and our three kids were born in England. The kids have dual citizenship but have never lived in Canada or Australia because we moved to HK for my husband’s job in 2011. As we had their dependent visas put into their Australian passports, their Canadian passports expired and I can only find one of them. I have the numbers of their laminated citizenship cards, but can only find one of them (not the same as the passport I could find!). So I have one citizenship card but no passport; one passport but no citizenship card; and I can’t find either of them for my daughter (but like I said I have the sheet that the cards came with so I have their citizenship numbers). How do I go about renewing their Canadian passports without their citizenship cards? It’s the only thing that proves they are Canadian citizens right now.

So, first off, if you “have the sheet that the cards came with” and that’s actually sheets plural, not sheet, they might actually be their citizenship certificates, if indeed they became citizens after the switch to the citizenship certificate. If you have their actual certificates, you can apply for the passports for the two children who don’t have them. Here is a picture of what one looks like.

However, if the sheet singular and it  is just the commemoration, then you will have to apply for new citizenship certificates for the child without either, before you apply for the passports. A citizenship certificate application can take quite a while.

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