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I have a trip booked from December 17 to the 24, 2016 and cannot re-book my trip since I asked for this time off from work. My PR card expires December 22 2016. I have a South Korean passport which is from a visa-exempt country. I have already applied for a renewal a while ago, but CIC seems to not have even started looking at my application? Will I have trouble going to Mexico, or returning from Mexico? If so, how can I solve this problem?

If you were travelling last year at this time, you would have no trouble. However, the Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) was made mandatory on November 10, 2016 for all those flying to Canada who are not American citizens, do not have proof of permanent residence in Canada or do not have proof of Canadian citizenship. If you do not get your PR Card by December 16th, you have a couple of options:

  • Change your return flight to December 22. You can enter on your current PR Card up until the date is expires.
  • If you cannot return on the 22nd or earlier, you can apply for Permanent Resident Travel Document, however these applications usually take 3 weeks, and so that doesn’t help you.
  • If you cannot get a PRTD before you return, you can change your return flight to fly to the American international airport closest to where you live in Canada, and then drive across the border in a private car (someone will have to come pick you up).
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