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By the time I get to the bottom of completing the Canadian Passport renewal application, it won’t let me print it… and then I have to lose all the information I have just typed in. So now I am trying to print a blank copy to fill in in ink and when I press print, again, it wont let me print and I lose the site. Is there a straightforward way of printing the application for passport renewal?

Clear your browser cache by pressing F5 twice (if you are using a PC).

If you still can’t complete the application, you can try saving the file by right-clicking on the link to the form and clicking “Save As.” Save the form to your computer and then complete it using your PDF application or print it off.

If you still want to complete the Canadian passport application form in your browser, you may need to update your browser’s pdf viewer to a newer version (or switch to a different viewer).

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