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I sent three application for myself and my wife and my son in one envelope in august 31, 2015, Jan 26 they sent email said only me and my wife’s application have been received, but they did not said received my son’s application. I use same email address. I call them they said either sent back application or still process may take two week to update the system. but my son is going to have school trip to us April 20. and air ticket only issued until early march, but the teacher said can sent letter from travel agent and school to prove trip and payment. is it work for urgent request for PR card? my question is can i wait one more month until 190 days or just sent another urgent request without air ticket?

Your son’s PR Card application will show up in the system once it is assigned to an officer and he or she is working on it. Until then, it won’t appear. The likelihood is that it just wasn’t assigned yet when you called.

To get urgent processing, you usually need to provide a purchased ticket. But it is possible that in this special situation, with an itinerary and a letter from the school, they may process it urgently. (This is at the discretion of the officer.)

You should wait until 190 days have elapsed and, if the card is still in processing, then consider submitting proof of urgency.

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