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I sent in my pr card application on 27th November as my pr card was expired. It was an urgent application as my mother fell and broke her shoulder. I have to travel to Pakistan on 25th December and I haven’t received anything back yet. I also am traveling through Turkish airlines so I would have a stay at the Istanbul airport. Now my travel agent told me to have my pr card on me When I arrive in Istanbul, but I don’t have my pr card yet. I called cic, they said that they cannot find my application status and that could be due to the application being incomplete or something. I’m extremely tensed as i don’t know what to do

If IRCC has no record of your application, you will have re-submit your application and change your flight.

The only other option is to travel without it and apply for a Permanent Resident Travel Document while abroad. This will not help you in Istanbul, though we don’t know why a Canadian PR Card would help you in Turkey.

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