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I am a refugee from Colombia and two years ago I was under investigation for an urgent travel to Colombia by CBSA office. The case was investigated and closed after my interview with the CBSA officer. The company where I work for needs to send me to The United State so, I applied for my Refugee Travel document and it was granted but, the Passport Office kept my Colombian passport that will expire in 5 years. The Government of The United State does not grant visa over a Canadian Travel Document and, my Citizenship application has been in process for the last 16 months. The solution I see now is returning the Refugee Travel Document and they will send me back my Colombian passport. I am not sure if the CBSA will investigate me as I will travel to The United State using my Colombian passport with my USA visa on it and my Canadian Permanent Resident Card to come back to Canada.

It seems unlikely that your Colombian passport will be released just because you had in your Refugee Travel Document. But you can try. You will need to provide proof that you need to travel from your employer (on company letterhead).

Due to your need to travel for work, you can request your citizenship application be expedited.

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