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I recently renewed by passport as it is about to expire in 3 months. I have since applied for a renewal of my post graduate work permit as the expiry date is set to expire on the date of old passport. In renewing my passport, the embassy have invalidated my old passport, my questions are as follow, 1. Under what category should I reapply the extension of my post graduate work permit? 2. Is there a need to apply for the eTA? 3. I am planning on leaving Canada on a Vacation at the end of the year, will it be a problem to re-enter Canada since my old passport have been invalidated? Can I re-enter with an invalidated passport ( around 2 more months to expiry) + old post graduate work permit + new passport?

  1. A big part of this is, are you even eligible to renew your post-graduate work permit? Post-graduate work permits are conditional on the number of years you studied in Canada. You need to make sure that the expiry date was set to your passport only, and not based on the number of years you studied. If the latter is true, you need to apply for a new work permit with a job offer from your employer and an LMIA.
  2. You only need an eTA if you are flying back to Canada.
  3. Depending upon ho you are returning to Canada, you may need an eTA in addition to the the work permit and the passport.
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