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My question is I want to ravel to India on February 25,2016 for my sisters wedding. I got my permanent residency on November 16,2015 and applied for the Permanent Resident Card on same day. I contacted CIC on Jan 27 they said your card is not approved yet. I check online everyday. When I applied for the card the processing time was 52 days and now it is 105 days. Is it possible if I leave Canada without card and my friend will courier it to me afterwards when she receives it on my Canadian address. Is it safer to courier the card to India. Can I do that.

We can’t stop you from┬áhaving your friend courier your PR Card to you in India, but we don’t recommend it. What happens if it is lost? You will have to apply for a PR Card all over again and you will have to explain why it was lost as part of the process.

If you leave before it is issued, you should bring with you a copy of your status before you leave (or print one off once you get to India) and then apply for a Travel Document at the nearest Canadian High Commission or Consulate.

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