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My PR card expired in November 2015. I had applied for renewal in June 2015. In December 2015 the returned the whole application because I had made a typo on the date where I signed the application. I sent it back immediately with the correction and now they tell me it will be another 180 days from the date they received it (Dec 29 2015) before they will even look at it. I have an emergency in England, UK, my mother is very ill in hospital. They told me to get a Travel Document but the only way I can do this is to apply in person in the Canadian Visa Office in London – this office is the other side of the country from where my mother is – it will cost a considerable amount of money for me to be able to do this not to mention time. They say I will not be allowed on a plane without the PR card or the travel document – is this the case?

Everything CIC told you is correct. You will have to travel to London to get a PR Travel Document in order to travel to the US.

There is two possible ways around this:

  • if your mother is seriously ill, buy your tickets, see if you can get something from the hospital about her condition (on official letterhead) and submit it to CIC asking for urgent processing;
  • if you can change your flight to travel to the United States (with an ESTA) instead of Canada, fly to the nearest US international airport to your home in Canada, and have someone come pick you up (you must travel by car) as you will not need your PR Card at the border.


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