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I am a permanent resident in Canada and have a family trip dream vacation for Dec 17 and returning on Dec 24. Unfortunately my wallet got stolen and I loose all my documents, including my PR Card. I have a Portuguese passport and call the Canada embassy regarding the travel document, but because we are going for a very short period of time that can’t guarantee that the document will be processed before my departure. We are travelling as a big family group (13 people) and some of them are flying for Portugal. This is like a dream vacation and a family reunion. Called immigration and they said my replacement card is being processed but after I’d done they will put it on regular mail and can take up to 2 weeks for me to receive it. In my situation what are my options?

Your best option is to change your return flight to the flight to the US. Get an ESTA visa waiver if you don’t have one already. Fly to an airport close to your home in Canada. And then get someone to pick you up in the US in their car. You can enter Canada by car without a PR Card.

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