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i am a Pakistani national, got married with a Canadian national woman who is also Pakistani national. i have got a son who is a Canadian born. Currently we are living in Pakistan. My sponsorship is in Process. My wife is pregnant now. she has left my home with my son and intends to go to Canada. she is doing blackmailing me on my children. she doesn’t want to have relation with me. i don’t want to go to Canada because i am well settled in Pakistan and enjoying a prosperous job. i am also looking after my younger sister and old father. my wife and her family members have snatched my son and the baby to be born. they threaten me with Canadian Laws. please guide me what should i do. i don’t wanna lose my children and wife too.

You should speak to a family lawyer. Children are not always allowed to travel without the consent of both parents so it’s possible that, if she hasn’t left Pakistan yet, she may not be able to take your elder son with her. However, she and the unborn baby can go whenever she feels like it, to the best of our knowledge.

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