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I am a new PR (since October 1st, 2016). I still didn’t get my PR card. I called the IRCC and upon check, the agent told that they didn’t have my apt number and once when they sent the card it got returned. I updated my address three times to make sure that they have the correct one, as well as, I again check with the officer at the landing border about my address if it is correct in their system. He repeated my full address. However, I learned now that IRCC didn’t have the correct address. After I called IRCC they finally have it and the agent told me that I need to wait approx. 6 weeks to get it. They need up to six weeks to make a new envelope and 41 days to print the new card. That is unbelievable. I have to leave Canada on December 26th and I am not sure that they will send it until then. Is it true that IRCC needs six weeks to re-send the card? Is there any way that I can prove that it is not my fault and ask them to expedite?

No, there is no way to expedite the processing of your first PR Card. We suggest documenting all of this in writing (if you haven’t yet) including dates and times you spoke to IRCC, and bringing a copy of this with you when you go abroad. When you apply for your Permanent Resident Travel Document, submit a letter with the application stating all the efforts you made to get your PR Card after you landed.

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