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My sister signed the Canadian passport application for me as the guarantor and the signature she signed was random Not the she has on the passport or legal document therefore Canadian passport office asked her to come at office and verify the signature . She went with me to the office where they asked her to sign the signature that one on the passport and she could Not sign exactly as on the passport and then they asked to sign the signature that she signed on my application, but she could not get the exact signature she had done on application. After that, one of the supervisors came and forced her to accept that the signature is not her. My sister explained to the supervisor that her signature varies and her handwriting also varies a lot and also My sister gave in writing that she knows me since i born and she signed the application. But, the supervisor keeps forcing by telling her that if she tells a lie then her passport will be revoked and she will get criminal charges. At last supervisor called me and asked the same questions to me and also told me that my passport will be revoked and I will get criminal charges. I said she signed the application. In last, the supervisor said that my application will be sent to the RCMP for further investigation! My question is what kind of investigation they will do. We are innocent and we did not do any illegal! as I explained earlier that my sister’s writing and signature varies. In that situation what should we do?

You need a lawyer. You should contact one as soon as possible.

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