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My husband and I will be spending two weeks in Mexico at a resort in November 2011 .Our Canadian passports expire in March 2012. Is there a six month requirement of passport validity by Mexico? Will we need to renew our passports before we travel this coming November? Your assistance is appreciated. Thank you.

You are only required to present a valid Canadian passport when you enter and exit Mexico. As you are traveling for tourism purposes a visa is not required.
Please note if you have a criminal record you might be refused entry. If this applies you should contact the Embassy of Mexico in Ottawa prior to traveling.
When you enter Mexico you must be in possession of a tourist card, also called Multiple Migratory Form for Foreigners (FMM). This document is provided by airlines or by immigration authorities at the country’s points of entry. If you enter Mexico by land, it is your responsibility to stop at the immigration facility located at the border.

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