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my friend is a permanent resident of canada she is Iranian and after becoming permanent resident she went back to Iran to marry his boyfriend. now she is pregnant in Iran and wants to know what is the best decision for her: as she wants to pass her pregnancy with her husband and her husband isn’t permant resident of canada she is afraid if she goes back to canada and starts immigration process of her husband and then the process takes too long then she will be alone for whole her pregnancy and most likely for the birth of her child, on the other hand if she stays in Iran and gives birth to her child here near her husband then after the birth of the child how could she apply for her husband and her child. should she leave them in Iran and spends some months to do the immigration process of her child and her husband?

She has to sponsor her husband regardless.

If the child is born in Canada, it will be a Canadian citizen. If the child is born in Iran, she will have to sponsor the child.

If the husband can get a visitor visa, he can be sponsored “inland” and they can all live together in Canada.

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